Controlling access to your resources using partitions (Advanced) - Security Center 5.9

Security Center Hardening Guide 5.9

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To organize and manage access to system resources in Security Center, you can use a container called a partition to group related assets, such as buildings, equipment, cameras, imported data collected in the fields, and so on.

What you should know

It is considered a best practice to create a special partition for low-privileged operators that only need to view video. To strictly control access rights, assign camera entities to that partition without assigning their associated video unit entities. You can then control which users or user groups can access each partition.


  1. From the Config Tool home page, do one of the following:
    • Open the User management task, click Add an entity (), and then click Partition.
    • Open any administration task, click Add an entity > Show all > Partition, or click More () beside the Add () button, and then click Partition.
  2. If a partition is selected in the entity tree before you click Add, then the new partition is immediately created under the selected partition.
    1. Enter the name of the New partition.
    2. In the Identity tab, enter the partition description.
  3. If no partition was selected in the entity tree before you click Add, then the Create partition wizard opens.
    1. On the Basic information page, enter the name and description of the new partition.
    2. From the Partition drop-down list, select the parent partition that this new partition should belong to.
    The new partition is created.
  4. If you already have entities ready to be added to the new partition, add them now.
  5. If users and user groups are already created in your system, grant access rights for the new partition to those who need it.

After you finish

For more information, refer to the Partitions chapter in the Security Center Administrator Guide.