Using a network location for the AutoVu™ root folder (Advanced level) - Security Center 5.9

Security Center Hardening Guide 5.9

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Security Center 5.9
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By moving the AutoVu™ root folder to a network location, you can keep it behind a secure username and password. This can limit exposure and control access of this folder by keeping files in separate locations.

Before you begin

In Windows Explorer, add a root folder to the network location of your choice.


  1. From the Security Center Config Tool home page, open the ALPR task, and click Roles and units.
  2. Select the ALPR Manager you want to configure, then click Properties.
  3. In the Root folder section, delete the existing root folder location and enter the network location where added the root folder.
    The network drive must begin with \\.
  4. Enter the Username and Password to access the network drive.
  5. Confirm the password and click Apply.