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When Security Center is up and running, you require client software to configure and use the system. A client installation includes Config Tool and Security Desk by default.

Before you begin


  1. Right-click either setup.exe (standalone version) or SecurityCenterWebSetup.exe (web version), and click Run as administrator.
    The InstallShield Wizard opens.
    NOTE: Only the standalone installer is illustrated in this procedure.
  2. On the Choose Setup Language page, select the language of the InstallShield Wizard, and click Next.
  3. On the welcome page, click Next.

    Links to relevant Security Center information are provided.

  4. On the License Agreement page, read the terms in the Software License Agreement, select I accept the terms in the license agreement, and then click Next.
    If you are upgrading from a previous version, a Backward Compatibility notice opens. Ensure that you understand the backward compatibility requirements before proceeding.
  5. On the Custom Setup page, select the Security Center features to install, specify the destination folder, and then click Next.

    You must select Config Tool, Security Desk, or both from the list. All other features are optional.

    For the destination folder, you can only change the root folder where the Genetec Security Center 5.10 folder is created. On a 64-bit machine, the default root folder is C:\Program Files (x86).

  6. On the Genetecâ„¢ Security Center Language Selection page, select the user interface language for Security Center applications, and click Next.
    NOTE: Online help for Security Center applications is not available in all languages. For language availability, see Documentation updates in Security Center
    Tip: After installing Security Center, you can change the user interface language with the Language Tool found in the Genetecâ„¢ Security Center program group in the Start menu.
  7. On Installation Completed page, select the required post-installation options, and click Finish.