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During a Security Center system upgrade, all Directory servers must be shut down for a period of time. During this time, no Directory service is available on the system. Only some features continue to work.

The following Security Center features are available when there is no Directory service:
  • Security Desk continues to stream live video from cameras.
  • Video continues to be recorded according to schedules as long as Archivers are online.
  • All access control functions continue to work as normal, except for commands that must be relayed by the Directory service, such as event-to-actions, and all door open or unlock operations issued from Security Desk.
  • Doors can be opened through a switch (input) if all inputs and outputs are controlled by the same access control unit.
The following Security Center features are not available when there is no Directory service:
  • Config Tool and Security Desk features are unavailable.
  • All manual actions (manual recording, lock/unlock doors, and so on) performed from the Security Desk widgets are disabled, including camera call-ups.
  • Alarms and live events cannot be displayed on Security Desk.