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You can protect your Security Center system data by regularly backing up its databases to a secure location that is separate from your main server. It is best practice to back up your databases before an upgrade.

What you should know

WARNING: Do not use virtual machine snapshots to back up your Security Center databases. During the snapshot process, all I/Os on the virtual machine are suspended, which can affect the stability and the performance of your system. We strongly recommend that you follow the procedure described below.

Depending on which role database you want to back up, the procedure can be different.


  1. For the Directory database without failover, perform the backup from Server Admin.
  2. For the Directory database with failover, perform the backup from the Directory Manager's Directory failover page in Config Tool.
  3. For any other Security Center role database, perform the backup from Config Tool, on the Resources page of the role.
  4. For the Archiver and Auxiliary Archiver roles, after backing up the database, perform an archive transfer to back up the video files.