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Security Center Installation and Upgrade Guide 5.7 GA

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Security Center 5.7 GA
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Beginning in Security Center 5.5, Server Admin comes with a completely revamped user interface, works with all web browsers (on desktop and mobile devices), supports multi-server connections, and offers a secure connection (HTTPS).

Characteristics Server Admin 5.4 and earlier Server Admin 5.5 and later
Supported browsers
  • Internet Explorer 8, 9, 10, and 11
  • Must have Microsoft Silverlight plugin installed.
  • Internet Explorer 9, 10, and 11
  • Chrome 46 (or later)
  • Firefox 42 (or later)
  • Safari 9 (or later)

Microsoft Silverlight is no longer required.

Connection URL http://<server>/Genetec

where <server> is the DNS name or the IP address of the server.


where <server> is the DNS name or the IP address of the server.

Multi-server connection No. Connects to one server at a time. Yes. Shows all servers on the system, and allows you to view and change the settings of any of them.
System status overview Shown in the Directory tab.

Only visible when Server Admin is connected to the main server.

Shown on the Dashboard.

Three colored LEDd show the status of the system at all times: Database, Directory, and License. Clicking on an error brings you to the section where the problem can be resolved.

Global configuration No. Each server must be configured separately. Yes. Global settings such as server password, Genetec™ Watchdog, and SMTP settings, are applied to all servers.
Restart Genetec™ Server service No. Yes.
User interface language Set with the Language Tool.

Must restart the Genetec™ Server service and reload the browser page.

Command within Server Admin.

No need to restart or reload anything.

Set color theme No. Choose between Dark (default) and Light.
Check software version From the Config Tool home page, click the button. Click About.
Deactivate Directory
  1. Connect Server Admin to the main server.
  2. From the Directory tab, click Deactivate Directory.
From the server list on the left, select the main server (), and then click Actions > Deactivate.
Activate Directory
  1. Connect Server Admin to an expansion server.
  2. From the Genetec™ Server tab, click Activate Directory.
From the server list on the left, select an expansion server, and then click Actions > Activate.
Debug console1 Not integrated into Server Admin. Integrated into Server Admin, with many enhancements.
Access to the debug console Can be disabled and password protected for each server. The debug console shares the same password as Server Admin, and cannot be disabled separately.

1The debug console is reserved for our technical support engineers.