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Security Center Installation and Upgrade Guide 5.8 GA

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Security Center

The Security Center installation packages contain the setup program that helps you to install everything you need to get the product working.

Downloadable packages

The Security Center installation packages are zip files that you can download from the GTAP Product Download page, at Note, you'll need a username and password to log on to GTAP.

This is the web installer. During the installation, the web installer downloads the necessary components for your system from the Internet.
Full installation package
Download the full installation package if your computers do not have access to the Internet. This is a standalone package. You don't need anything else outside this package.
The full installation package contains the following:
Found in the root folder, this is the AutoRun-enabled version of the standalone installer.
Security Center Setup.exe
Found in the SC Packages folder, this is the standalone installer.
SC Packages
This folder contains all the components (in separate subfolders) that you might need for your Security Center installation. All the Security Center installation prerequisites are found here.
This folder contains the PDF versions of the Security Center Installation and Upgrade Guide along with the Release Notes.

Installation modes

You can run the Security Center Installer in two modes:

Wizard mode
The InstallShield Wizard for Security Center Installer is a user friendly interface that guides you through the installation steps through a series of questions and runs the installer for you with the options you selected. There are two versions of the installer:
Web version
Run the web version of the installer if your computer is connected to the Internet. To run the web installer, download the file SecurityCenterWebSetup.exe from GTAP and double-click it. The web installer connects to Genetecâ„¢ and only downloads the modules you choose to install.
Standalone version
Run the standalone version of the installer if your computer is not connected to the Internet. To run the standalone installer, download the full installation package from GTAP, copy the package to the target computer, and double-click setup.exe found in the root folder of the package.
Silent mode
The silent mode is used to run the installer from the command line, without user intervention.
IMPORTANT: The Security Center Installer does not support using mapped drives in your path specifications.

Installer languages

The Security Center Installer is available in English and French, but the Security Center software can be installed in more than twenty different languages. The installer language is selected from the Security Center Installation startup screen.