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To have the latest release of Security Center 5.8, you can upgrade from an earlier minor version of 5.8 to after you have completed the preparation steps.

What you should know

You do not need to change your license when you upgrade from an earlier of 5.8 to because they share the same .

Previous installation choices, such as language and installation types are preserved, and the InstallShield Wizard will not ask for them again.


  1. Upgrade your main server to Security Center
  2. Upgrade your expansion servers to Security Center, according to your priorities.
  3. Upgrade your client workstations to Security Center, according to your priorities.

After you finish

If the file AllowedSynchronizationConfiguration.xml was used to set the synchronization times of your HID VertX units, the settings must be re-applied manually from Config Tool after the upgrade.
Tip: Configure one unit with the required synchronization settings, then use the copy configuration tool to set the same settings on multiple units.