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The main server in your current Security Center system must be upgraded before everything else. You must apply a new license and upgrade the Directory database.

Before you begin

  • Read the things you need to know and do before you upgrade (see related topics).
  • Back up your Directory database and all role databases accessed from your main server.
    Best Practice: There is an option in the InstallShield Wizard to back up your Directory database after the software upgrade, before restarting your system. Depending on the size of your database, this backup might take several hours. To accelerate your upgrade process, you can back up your Directory database before upgrading the software. Then, when the InstallShield Wizard reaches the Directory Database Backup step, you choose to skip the backup. However, if you choose to let Genetec™ Update Service (GUS) perform the upgrade, do not back up the Directory database yourself, because GUS always does it for you.
  • Make sure that you have enough disk space for your backup. Delete the backups that you no longer need. The default backup folder is C:\SecurityCenterBackup on the server hosting SQL Server.

What you should know

You need the Security Center 5.9 Config Tool to connect it to the 5.9 Directory. If Security Center Client is installed on the main server, upgrade it at the same time.

If a reboot warning message box opens during the upgrade, accept the message and continue with the upgrade procedure. You must reboot after completing the upgrade.


  1. Install Security Center 5.9 on your main server.
    If you have Genetec™ Advantage and are subscribed to our Product Improvement Program, and if the version you want to install corresponds to the most up to date version, you have the option to perform the upgrade through GUS instead of the installer.

    If you choose to continue with GUS, the Installer program ends and automatically connects you to the Main GUS. The Main GUS displays a centralized view of all enrolled machines and sends update notifications to them. GUS always backs up the Directory database for you, so you don't need to do it before the upgrade. For more information, see About the Genetec™ Update Service.

    If you choose to continue with the installer, the Installer program automatically detects an earlier version of Security Center and issues warnings and recommendations. Read the messages carefully. If you continue, the Installer program upgrades Security Center to 5.9.

  2. On the Directory Database Backup page, acknowledge the date of the last Directory database backup, and click Next to continue the installation.

    If you select the automatic backup option, the Directory database will be backed up after the software upgrade, but before the database upgrade.

    NOTE: For the last Directory database backup date, the Installer does not differentiate between full and incremental backups and does not check whether the backup files are still available. The automatic backup option always performs a full backup.
    IMPORTANT: It is possible that the date of the last Directory database backup is inaccurate if the last backup was performed outside of Security Center. Regardless, we strongly recommend that you back up your Directory database before upgrading, or let the installer do it for you. The option to automatically back up the Directory database is selected by default if the last backup is more than a day old. Do not clear this option if you are not sure whether the most recent changes are included in the last backup.
  3. Follow the rest of the InstallShield Wizard instructions, and click Install.
    The installer updates your Security Center software, backs up the Directory database (if you selected the option), updates the schema of your Directory database (if applicable), and launches Server Admin.
  4. Enter the server password that you set during the server installation, and click Log on.
    The Server Admin Overview page appears.
  5. If the automatic backup of the Directory database failed, the Directory does not restart.

    You must choose one of the following:

    • Back up manually. This is the recommended option. It opens the Backup/Restore dialog box.
      When a backup fails, it is often because you do not have access to the backup folder. If you need to change the backup folder, close this dialog box, select the main server from the list of servers, and click Database properties (). In the dialog box that opens, enter the new Destination folder.

      After the Directory database is successfully backed up, the system restarts. If a database update is required, it will be performed automatically before restarting the Directory.

    • Skip the backup. Choose this option only if you are sure that the latest backup has all the changes you need. If a database update is required, it will be performed automatically. If you do not have a backup of your database, you will not be able to restore it if necessary.
  6. If you are upgrading from an earlier major version, activate your new Security Center 5.9 license.