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Security Center Installation and Upgrade Guide for NEC Cluster 5.10

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Your servers should be identical in terms of hardware, operating system, and software. NEC ExpressCluster, SQL server, and Security Center each have their own set of minimum requirements.

The following table lists the minimum requirements as a combination of all three:

Component Requirements
CPU and memory Refer to the Security Center System Requirements. Click here for the most recent version of this document.
Operating system Refer to the NEC ExpressCluster system requirements located at:
NOTE: English, Chinese and Japanese operating systems are only supported by NEC cluster.
Disk partitions Each server will need two identically configured disk partitions (apart from your C:/). One for the cluster partition (64 MB RAW) and one for the mirrored partition (40 GB or more NTFS). These partitions should not be on the same physical disk as the operating system and software, so two physical hard drives are required.
IMPORTANT: For systems with more than 1,000 entities (cameras, doors, cardholders, etc) three physical hard drives are required for performance reasons.
Network cards Each server will need two network cards. One to accept external client connections and the other for the cluster’s interconnection. 1Gb/s cards are recommended.
NEC Client workstation A workstation needs to be identified as the NEC Client workstation. It will be used for configuration and administration of the cluster.
SQL Server SQL Server 2014 Express is bundled on the Security Center download package. But for installations where the database size will grow over 10 GB (very rare), two copies of SQL Standard or Enterprise will be needed.
Database management tool SQL Management Studio needs to be installed on both servers. See