Best practices for installing NEC ExpressCluster - Security Center 5.8

Security Center Installation and Upgrade Guide for NEC Cluster 5.8

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Security Center 5.8
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It is assumed that you are familiar with the concept of clustering and how to install and configure the NEC ExpressCluster X Edition for Windows.

When installing the NEC ExpressCluster software, keep the following points in mind:
  • NEC clusters can be set up with several different configurations. Note that we are using their High availability cluster configuration using mirror disks with 2 nodes.
  • The NEC software should be installed on the servers’ C:/ drive, not a mirrored disk.
  • The identical folder path is required on both servers for the NEC software installation.
  • NEC cluster licenses will be required after the installation.
  • DO NOT reboot either server until the NEC ExpressCluster has been installed on both.
  • Apart from installing the cluster software on two servers, you will also need to install the NEC WebManager on a workstation. This application is used to manage the cluster.

For more information about the NEC ExpressCluster X Edition for Windows, see the NEC documentation supplied with the NEC ExpressCluster software, or available at