Stopping Genetec™ Watchdog from restarting Genetec™ Server - Security Center 5.9

Security Center Installation and Upgrade Guide for NEC Cluster 5.9

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Security Center 5.9
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Once clustering is set up, the cluster will monitor and control the Genetec™ Server service, so you do not want the Genetec™ Watchdog service trying to start or stop the Genetec™ Server service anymore.


  1. Use Notepad to open the file GenetecWatchdog.gconfig found in the path N:\Program Files\Genetec Security Center 5.9\ConfigurationFiles.
  2. Edit the file to include the string: preventServiceRestart="true".
    The third line now reads:
    <Watchdog serverPort="4534" registrationRetryDelay="00:00:15" responsivenessTimeout="00:02:00" emailFilterLevel="None" preventServiceRestart="true">
  3. On the active server, move the configuration files from their default path to the new configuration folder on your mirrored data partition: N:\Genetec Security Center 5.9\ConfigurationFiles.
    You created this folder when you prepared your servers for clustering.
    NOTE: In this example “N:” is the drive letter assigned to your mirrored data partition. The folder N:\VertX is only necessary if you are using HID VertX controllers.
  4. Repeat the steps on your standby server.
  5. Start the Genetec™ Server service on both servers.