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The following software issues were resolved in Security Center

Solution/Unit Issue Description
Access 2778434 Importing using the cardholder group Replace option unlinks all cardholder groups, even if the Binding page has no linked cardholder groups.
Access 2763419 DESFire EV1/CPS3 cards are not detected by the STid USB reader.
Access 2758628 After restarting the Global Cardholder Synchronizer role, the role does not synchronize existing cardholders if they were moved to the global partition on the host server.
Access 2712760 When zones report an Unknown state, the zone does not go into a Warning state.
Access 2647808 Global Cardholder Synchronizer role stops synchronizing entities if custom fields or types exist on the remote site with identical names as those on the host.
Access 2617633 Enrolling a Synergis™ Cloud Link unit on an Access Control as a Service (ACaaS) system fails when the Cloud Agent is disabled.
Access 2600046 Upgrade status of a Synergis™ Cloud Link stays in Upgrade in progress if upgrade fails due to a power loss.
All 2832548 The Maps task People count widget only shows 100 people in the selected area.
Workaround: To see the complete list of people, click People Counting in the widget to open the People count task for that area.
All 2806799 Copying and pasting from the clipboard can make Security Desk freeze if the text amount is too large.
All 2806767 Adding vector tile layers to a map in ESRI fails with an Invalid argument: tile info origin must have spatial reference error.
All 2806069 When increasing the Time range filter in the Health statistics task, the report returns fewer results instead of more.
All 2804235 Following an upgrade to Security Center, cloud service encryption keys are not initialized, causing authentication failures.
All 2766037 The Record Caching Service role REST endpoint is not visible or configurable in Config Tool.
All 2763089 If the client is running Security Center and the server is running, running rehydration fails and disconnects the client.
All 2760620 When importing from CSV files into a record type in the Record Cache Service role, records with duplicate IDs are handled inconsistently sometimes causing the import to fail.
All 2736268 Dashboards: Health events for Database lost and Database recovered are not generated for Archiver agents.
All 2736241 Dashboards: Connection health events for cameras and units do not always persist.
All 2734904 Single sign-on (SSO) does not work when the client connects through a Directory gateway.
All 2673803 If the Edit condition dialog box is open in the Correlations task during a Directory disconnect, an error is thrown at logoff.
All 2663106 The range of ports required for remote configuration through reverse tunnel conflict with either the Mobile Server, Map Manager, or LPR Manager role.
Workaround: Use port range from 11000-11100 for Reverse Tunnel Server.
All 2660558 When running Security Desk with Security Center 5.7, the System status task cannot display diagnostics for roles if it is connected to a Security Center Directory through backwards compatibility mode.
Workaround: Upgrade the backwards compatible system to Security Center 5.8 or later.
All 2648571 Automation Manager role fails with a Cannot open database error after deactivating and reactivating even though the role has no database.
All 2632673 Federation™ reconnection status does not refresh properly when the Directory name ends with (-).
All 2625807 Entry for Automatic Video Recording of alarm settings displays the wrong information in the Audit trail report.
All 2572501 The Logon dialog box shows an or option when there is no OpenID or Active Directory enabled for the system.
All 2565959 After installing a new version of Security Center, macros are not executed.
All 2353628 Web: When you create a Web Server role or add an agent, a Media Gateway role or agent is not created automatically on the same server if it doesn't already exists.
ALPR 2810770 When using the Close parking session action in the Parking session task, the action duplicates the session and sends two events decreasing the Tenant occupancy by two instead of one.
ALPR 2759828 When the LPR Manager role fails, it does not release the licenses taken from the endpoint license pool.
ALPR 2738368 There is an inconsistency in Parking sessions report results when the Session state and State reason filters are used separately.
ALPR 2697724 When duplicating a permit restriction, the associated zones are duplicated with the same GUID.
Bosch 2822667 Unit Assistant Role might ignore video unit advanced security settings causing password change to not apply on the video unit.
Documentation 2760609 Security Center Help collects usage analytics.
Integration 2764527 When importing MP4 audio through the OfflineDriver, some parts of the audio might be missing or bad quality.
Integration 2737240 Unit Assistant Role throws an exception when SQL server authentication is used to communicate with the SQL server.
Integration 2712721 Enhanced PTZ calibration setting always shows a Calibration needed to enable zoom-box and center-on-click features warning even if the calibration is done.
Integration 2698555 The Wearable camera evidence report shows various errors if there are a large number of results and does not stop when maximum number of results is reached.
Integration 2698497 Searching for wearable cameras in the Config Tool Video task shows zero results.
SDK 2824186 Custom actions cannot be sent from the SDK application, only event-to-actions.
SDK 2256643 EntitiesInvalidated event shows an empty CustomEntityType field instead of the required custom entity type.
Video 2763258



When the database connection to the Auxiliary Archiver is unreliable, files do not update properly when closed leading to discrepancies on the recording drive.
Video 2828103 After upgrading to Security Center, the Go to specific time command takes a long time to retrieve results.
Video 2808278 The SQL shows high CPU usage after an Archiver database reconnection due to the Archiver database continuously firing a connected event.
Video 2776257 Transfer of recorded video from body-worn cameras fails after a Directory restart.
Video 2765571 When redirecting live streams with large frames, there might be some video tearing and packet loss.
Video 2760089 Video files older than the configured retention period are not deleted due to slow Archiver response time for large SQL databases.
Video 2737587 The Idle PTZ command preset does not work after an alarm is triggered through an event-to-action.
Video 2697847 MJPEG video files cannot be exported directly into MP4 format.
Video 2696457 PTZ commands are not executed when RTSP requests are blocked by the system's firewall.
Video 2696098 In Security Desk, the Automatic live stream configuration does not update correctly if the tile is refreshed from playback to live.
Video 2695621 The ObfuscateEntityNames Advanced setting on the Archiver does not keep edited entity names.
Video 2695041 All cameras display offline status on the Archiver when there is a memory leak on the GenetecVideoUnitControl32.exe process.
Video 2694824 Video files cannot be indexed because the Auxiliary Archiver database has the wrong enddatetime.
Video 2694464 The Archiver agent crashes intermittently when there is a single quotation ( ' ) special character in the camera name.
Video 2684234 Video playback in unavailable for protected videos stored on the Auxiliary Archiver.
Video 2682919 Web Client in backward compatibility mode shows an error in the web page when playing video if the Stream usage setting is configured as Automatic.
Web Client 2828556 After upgrading from Security Center 5.9 to, users are unable to assign, add, or edit custom format credentials from the Web Client.
Web Client 2809436 Creating a credential with a card number containing 11 or more digits fails when done through the Web Client.
Web Client 2673026 When printing a report, some filters' information might not display properly.
Web Client 2659761 If the maximum number of licensed Web Client connections is reached and a user logs in using passive authentication, the log in fails and the user cannot log in again from that browser.
Workaround: Delete the browser cookies to restore the web page and log in again.
Web Client 2634079 If an entity is dragged to a tile while the Media Gateway role is offline, the tile does not display video.
Workaround: Drag the entity to the tile again when the Media Gateway role is back online.
Web Client 2578960 Passive authentication fails when using WS Federation and a Web Server role hosted on non-default ports.