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Security Center includes the following known issues.

Generic issues are categorized by solution. Unit-specific issues are categorized by manufacturer and model.

Solution/Unit Issue First reported in Description
All 2964353 Enabling or disabling the Record fusion events option from the Events page of Security Desk Options does not apply when accessed from the search field.
Workaround: Scroll down manually instead of searching.
All 2960193 When importing data from file to the Record Caching Service role, timestamps are not converted to UTC.
Workaround: Have a UTC timestamp in the file.
All 2930623 When adding a new record on a Map, the data type field is empty.
All 2910322 Moving a Federation™ role on a server running the Mobile Server role causes the Mobile Server role to fail.
Workaround: Run the Federation™ role on a different server.
All 2902671 When a session closes due to auto lock, attempting to log on using an incorrect password does not show an Invalid credentials message and there is no activity trail logged.
All 2884466 Alarm reports result in an inaccurate number of results when the system has alarms across many archived alarm tables.
All 2824361 Directory timeout values are not respected when configured from the Directory.gconfig file.
Workaround: Directory timeout values must be configured from the GeneralSettings.gconfig file.
All 2735334 When associating Administrator groups in the ADFS role, sub-groups are not listed for selection.
Workaround: Use the Search field to find the desired sub-group.
All 2715045 In languages other than French, role names in Security Center should be in English. In the current release roles names have sometimes been translated.
All 2658620 The Config Tool page System > General settings > Updates cannot be displayed in the Remote configuration task.
ALPR 2910556 After upgrading to Security Center, the AutoVu™ third-party data exporter stops working if there are existing configurations. New configurations are not affected.
Workaround: To fix existing configurations, deactivate the module and save, then reactivate the module and save again.
Integration 2805964 Unit passwords exported in CSV format might not open correctly in Excel.
Workaround: To correctly open this type of file, configure Excel to use commas for the separator when the locale is not English or use Excel text-to-columns feature.
Access 2684074 It is possible to upgrade a Synergis™ Cloud Link at the same time as its downstream interfaces if you click the Upgrade button quickly.
All 2737596 The "Contains" string operator in the Records report filter does not return the expected results.
All 2658658 Media Gateway configuration changes do not appear in Audit Trail report.
All 2647908 If you have a group of many cardholders with pictures configured in the Active Directory role, background image synchronization continues even if the group to synchronize has been removed.
All 2646937 Users are unable to link a custom field to an Active Directory attribute.
All 2619091 When the Reverse Tunnel role is disconnected, the Diagnosis window is missing a link to the offline server for non-admin users.
ALPR 2693374 Reports do not display images in high resolution if the Event timestamp value is set to a range smaller than the previous report.
ALPR 2647556 When updating Web Server role settings such as Unlimited session time, Advanced settings and others, Web Client applications stop receiving Reads events.
Workaround: Restart the Web Server role.
ALPR 2617728 The Reset parking zone inventory action fails when it is triggered by an event-to-action configuration.
ALPR 2483593 After connecting to a new Archiver, the devices in the LPR Manager role do not reconnect.
Workaround: Restart the LPR Manager role.
Documentation 2760609 Security Center Help collects usage analytics.
Video 2696712 When a federated user with higher priority than a local user tries to override the local user's explicit PTZ lock, the action fails.
Video 2647570 After changing the Archiver Agent's database, Cloud Storage is unavailable until the Agent is restarted.
Web Client 2654271 Passive authentication might not work with a reverse proxy.
All 2492851 If the Authentication Server role with OpenID Connect protocol is created after the Web Client role, you are not redirected to the login page.
Workaround: Restart the Web Server role after creating, deleting, or changing Open ID configuration for the changes to be properly reflected on the Web Client .
All 2490637 When synchronizing cardholder expiration dates through Active Directory, the value remains unchanged if cleared from the Active Directory system.
ALPR 2494859 The Parking occupancy task in Security Desk does not run the AutoVu™ Free-Flow Dashboard plugin. The web page opens with a HTTP Error 404. The requested resource is not found. error.
Workaround: Upgrade your AutoVu™ Free-Flow plugin to version 9.0.1.
ALPR 2494349 The Pay-by-Plate server is unreachable warning still shows when the AutoVu™ Free-Flow port on the ALPR Manager and the Genetec Patroller™ communication port on the Pay-By-Plate plugin match.
Workaround: Restart the Pay-by-Plate plugin.
ALPR 2314836 After upgrading to Security Center, the Performance counter does not start automatically.
  1. In the Windows Task Scheduler, open the Task Scheduler Library folder in the side menu.
  2. Navigate to Microsoft > Windows > PLA.
  3. Right-click your Genetec Inc. tasks and select Run.
Axis 2299488 Upgrading the firmware of an Axis camera using the IPv6 address is not supported.
Workaround: Use the IPv4 address to update the firmware.
Video 2297334 In Security Desk, 4K video with any degree of rotation and video watermarking enabled might lag during playback.
Access 2151677 5.8 GA The ability to perform elevator reader shunting in Security Center is controlled by Maintenance mode privilege for doors.
ALPR 2151096 5.8 GA If a SharpV is added to the ALPR Manager using the LPM protocol and is then reconfigured to use the Security Center (legacy) extension, a duplicate offline SharpV is added to the ALPR Manager so that associated plate reads can be retrieved.
ALPR 2142225 5.8 GA After disabling Accept remote reboot requests for a Sharp camera that is using the LPM protocol, the reboot option for that camera is still visible in Security Center.
ALPR 1938566 5.8 GA When you create a transfer group, you cannot add video units that are under Sharp units as sources.
Workaround: To transfer from all video units under the Sharp unit, in the Transfer group properties dialog box, select the area that the Sharp units with video configured are associated with. This area must also have IP cameras under it.
ALPR 1862570 5.8 GA The Hits report and the Reads report can show duplicate fusion streams for the same legacy Sharp camera. These duplicate streams have the same name, and it is not possible to delete the extra device from the UI.
Workaround: Re-create the unit.
ALPR 1860225 5.8 GA The Reads/hits per day report might be off by 1 day when reporting on a federated site in a different time zone.
ALPR 1829435 5.8 GA When sorted by descending timestamp, the Reads report and the Hits report return the first results from the database that match the search criteria, instead of the most recent ones.
ALPR 1760241 5.8 GA In the Reads report, filtering results on an empty user group returns all results instead of none.
ALPR 1244123 5.8 GA Patroller Plate Link: Hits report displays the patroller that made the first read instead of the patroller that enforced the hit.
DMP 1262717 5.8 GA The Faulty input arming behavior configured on the Properties page of a DMP unit is applied to areas even when there are no faulty inputs associated with the area.
DMP 1245036 5.8 GA When you add multiple DMP units to Security Center at the same time, the status listed in the Unit enrollment window is Error, even though the units are successfully added.
Video 2025093 5.8 GA Multicast IPv4 source filtering does not work consistently in some Windows 10 versions, including 1709 and 1803.
Web Client 1825562 5.8 GA When a user password is changed in Security Desk, Config Tool, or Web Client, the user is not disconnected from Web Client.
ALPR 2264790 After generating a report from the Reads task in map mode, the first time you select a read from the list of results, the map zooms in on a location without indicating where the read was captured. Subsequent times you select a read from the list, the read is indicated on the map with a circle, but clicking on the circle displays the previous read in the tile bubble.
ALPR 2088432 5.7 SR5 The time zone used in the Reads report and the Parking sessions report is not always correct.
ALPR 1197372 5.7 SR5 In a Genetec Patroller™ system where plate reads are offloaded manually, the Hits report attributes the hit to the patrol vehicle that performed the initial plate read instead of the patrol vehicle that enforced the hit.
Bosch 2116878 5.7 SR5 The Bosch VRM license is not renewed in Security Center for Bosch extensions using HTTP.
Workaround: Configure video to be stored in the internal storage of the unit instead of in Bosch VRM.
Bosch 2082373 5.7 SR5 Bosch units using firmware 6.50: After generating a report from the Security Desk Archives or Forensic search task, the video associated with the results cannot be played if it is stored in Bosch VRM.
Workaround: In Config Tool, change the Protocol of the Bosch extension to RCP.
Bosch 2041783 5.7 SR5 Bosch units using firmware 6.50: From the Security DeskForensic search task, generating a report for events stored on the internal SD card of the unit yields no results.
Workaround: Do one of the following:
  • Downgrade the unit firmware to 6.42.
  • Use edge recording and playback from Bosch VRM.
Video 1925181 5.7 SR4 When you restart Genetec™ Server on the server hosting the Federation™ role, you do not receive the Connection to camera stopped by user event for federated cameras.
Vivotek 1899054 5.7 SR4 Speed dome PTZ SD9362 and SD9364: After you enroll a video unit in Security Center, the time on the unit is one hour behind the actual time.
Documentation 1896193 5.7 SR3 In the online help guides accessed from Config Tool and Security Desk, on the Index page, when you double-click an index entry or select it, and then click Display, the linked topic is not displayed.
Access 1577169 5.7 SR2 In the Visitor management task, if a visitor is checked in using two hosts, during the next visitor check-in, only one host from the previous check-in is pre-selected. The warning Selected host is already part of a two-host delegation is displayed.
Workaround: Assign a second host manually.
Bosch 1457390 5.7 SR2 Bosch: For the video sequence list from the camera to be available in Security Desk, edge recording must be active on the camera's web page.
Workaround: Enable edge recording on the camera:
  1. On the camera's web page, navigate to Configuration > Recording > Storage Management.
  2. In Recording Media > Managed storage media, make sure the Rec.1 or Rec.2 check box is selected to activate the recording.
  3. In Configuration > Recording > Recording Status, make sure the Status is Running for either one of the recordings.
All 1107130 5.7 GA In the Config ToolSystem task, when selecting the export format for Scheduled tasks, "PDF" is listed twice.
ALPR 1026167 5.7 GA Genetec Patroller™ does not always reconnect to Security Center after a network disconnection, and the icon is red in Security Desk.
ALPR 1020691 5.7 GA If you save a workspace on a server using Security Center 5.6 and then upgrade to Security Center 5.7, the workspace loads but you are able to generate a report without selecting any entities, without generating an error.
Web Client 1128361 5.7 GA Cardholders and credentials that were created on a global partition and that are used for guests, do not have a specific icon in Web Client that distinguishes them from other cardholders.
ALPR 952306 5.6 SR2 Parking zone management: When a NOPLATE read that is not matched to a parking session is edited, no Unknown vehicle exited event is created.
Bosch 668843 5.5 SR3 Bosch VG5-7220: In the Video mode list of the Hardware tab of Config Tool, there are no high frame rate (60 fps) options available.
Workaround: Use the Installer Menu on the unit web page to configure the Max. frame rate as 60 fps.
Video 582417 5.5 GA Failover: When the Record metadata, Redundant Archiving, and Encryption options are enabled for an Archiver, an overlay stream might not play back on exported G64x files after a failover.
Video 547854 5.5 GA Maps: When viewing a fisheye camera in a map, the video cannot be dewarped.
Bosch 505537 5.4 SR2 When Bosch Video Recording Manager (VRM) units are configured to use the HTTP protocol, you cannot perform edge playback from the VRM.
Workaround: Configure the unit to use the Remote Control Protocol (RCP+).
Access 365646 5.4 GA Mercury EP: On the Peripherals page of a controller, the number of synchronized credentials sometimes disappears, such as after the Access Manager restarts.
All 370163 5.4 GA In the Hotlist and permit editor, if you configure a hotlist to use a remote file path, loading the hotlist results in an "Invalid credentials" error.
ALPR 396367 5.4 GA Hotlists: When an ALPR Manager role stops unexpectedly, the account used to access hotlist files from it is locked out.
Workaround: Manually unlock the account.
ALPR 370163 5.4 GA In the Hotlist and permit editor, if you configure a hotlist to use a remote file path, loading the hotlist results in an "Invalid credentials" error.
All 234363 5.3 LA Macros: If a macro has errors, and you change tabs, it is rolled back to the last error-free version.
HID 227614 5.3 LA HID Edge EVO EH400-K: Readers that use firmware version do not buzz when a door forced event is generated.
Video 244781 5.3 LA System status task: If an Archiver role is configured with a failover server, only the server hosting the role is reported as active in the task, not the one that is recording.
All 259409 5.3 GA Security Desk: Reports that cannot be filtered by Custom Fields are Access control unit events, Access rule configuration, Camera configuration, and I/O configuration.
Access 150069 5.2 SR5 Active Directory: When you import credentials from an Active Directory, only the last credential format that is mapped is used.
ISD 133890 5.2 SR4 JBS-AF-1080P: Playback of a G64 file freezes when using a speed of 6x or higher.
ISD 133670 5.2 SR4 JBS-AF-1080P: Cannot stream two multicast channels simultaneously in Security Desk.
ISD 131809 5.2 SR4 JBS-AF-1080P: Some of the supported resolutions listed on the unit’s web page are not available in Security Center.
ISD 131565 5.2 SR4 JBS-AF-1080P: Changing the IP address, Subnet, or Gateway does not work.
ALPR 100876 5.2 GA Config Tool: The ALPR Manager role status displays as online, even if the root folder path is incorrect.