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Security Center includes the following platform enhancements.

General enhancements

Disable alarm triggers when in maintenance mode
Alarms are no longer triggered when an entity is set to maintenance mode.

For more information, refer to Setting entities to maintenance mode in Security Center.

Hide alarms without source entities
You can hide alarms from users who do not have permission to view the alarm source entity by setting HideAlarmsWithoutSource to true in the Advanced settings page under Config Tool > System > General settings.

For more information, refer to Hiding alarms without source entities.

New Genetec™ Mobile languages available
Genetec™ Mobile now supports Italian and Chinese (Traditional).

Map enhancements

Map based correlated reports search
You can now search for records correlated by location and time from within the Maps task.

For more information, refer to Searching maps using correlated records.

Zoom and pan lock
You can now prevent users from repositioning a map view by applying a Zoom lock or a Pan and zoom lock from the Map designer task.

For more information, refer to Configuring map presets.