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The following software issues were resolved in Security Center

Solution/Unit Issue Description
Access 2929218 Under poor network conditions, the Global Cardholder Synchronizer role continuously disconnects and reconnects causing the Directory database application table to grow substantially.
Access 2921725 Under poor network conditions, the Global Cardholder Synchronizer (GCS) role returns an incomplete partition list in the Global partitions field of the Properties tab.
Access 2921386 Under poor network conditions, the Global Cardholder Synchronizer (GCS) role stops processing messages and fails even though the role is online.
Access 2899628 When Cardholder groups with multiple Double Badge (aka Double Swipe) enabled doors are managed by the same Synergis™ Softwire unit, the groups do not synchronize properly.
Access 2895057 When an Access Manager database is deleted and recreated in the Config Tool, associated Access Request (Granted or Denied) events are not received by Security Center.
Access 2885469 When the Access Manager adds distant future events to its database, the events table becomes overwhelmed leading to a system slowdown.
Access 2872566 The Access Manager role fails when there is high rate of activity generated on entities across multiple Access Manager or Federation™ roles.
Access 2855451 When an SQL error occurs while connecting to the Access Manager role database, the role stops adding events to the database and does not restart.
Access 2804456 People count is inaccurate when a cardholder exits an area without badging out, and enters another area controlled by a different Access Manager role
All 2965390 When logging in to Security Desk on a server or workstation a security warning opens for every Sipelia™ intercom.
All 2942457 The Media Gateway connection is not terminated after closing a streaming session from Mobile app.
All 2922045 When using SSO login, clicking the button redirects to different authentication address than typing the username and pressing Tab.
All 2912063 Bing maps stop working when port 80 is blocked.
All 2911930 If an alarm has an Intrusion detection area attached, the Alarm monitoring window shows Unknown instead of the correct intrusion detection status when that alarm is triggered.
All 2911374 When a synchronized user group has no parent user group, Access rights show the Inherited from value as the currently selected user group.
All 2911304 When connecting to a Directory configured as a Directory Gateway by the Authentication Service role, the SSO logon window does not open when selecting the password field.
All 2884876 When using the Forcibly acknowledge all alarms command in the Alarm monitoring task, the alarm list clears but the notification tray still shows active alarms.
All 2884546 Security Desk suddenly closes when importing a photo using the Capture Twain option in the Cardholder management task.
All 2884476 If the Federation™ role is offline for several weeks, it displays an Insufficient memory to continue the execution of the program error when synchronizing archived alarms.
All 2884383 In the Incidents task report pane, the Reader icon appears larger than expected
All 2873935 An unhandled exception occurs when exporting from the System status task on Analog monitors.
All 2872545 After a network outage, the Federation™ role remains offline and reports a Connecting to external system message.
All 2869450 ESRI map authentication fails after a software update.
All 2862363 After deleting a group from the Active Directory, synchronization fails and the users from the deleted group show as orphans in the User management task.
All 2862069 The Timeline window freezes in extended monitors.
All 2861670 The User management task Email address field only allows up to 100 characters.
All 2855688 Conditional event-to-actions do not work for People counting events.
All 2834808 In the System status task, the Applications pane shows an inaccurate application connection count using up more licenses than necessary.
All 2834808 Application count in System status task and License section are inaccurate.
All 2834711 When synchronizing cardholder expiration dates through Active Directory, the value remains unchanged if cleared from the Active Directory system.
All 2834178 Active Directory attribute links for Cardholder and Credential expiration are not applied properly when configuring more than one at a time.
All 2833353 When a federated door is deleted and the reader is reassigned to another access point, synchronization across federations fails with a The selected reader is already in use message.
All 2832499 Logging on to Config Tool using an SSO username with no domain results in a repeating cycle of Connection established and Failed messages.
All 2824687 Logging on through Active Directory fails if the Windows credentials of the server hosting the role or for connecting to the domain controller has not been granted the "Read tokenGroups" permission.
Workaround: Disable the Use windows credentials of the server hosting the role setting and use the credentials of a user with the "Read tokenGroups" permission.
All 2824356 After a system reboot, servers hosting camera and video units are unable to push Disconnected and Connected events to the Health Monitoring role.
All 2807993 Media Router role fails to start on the primary server when all assigned servers have been rejected.
All 2794567 After an upgrade to Security Center, all cardholder custom field groups are collapsed by default.
All 2777099 When the Federation™ role's Enable playback requests option is turned on, it is enabled for all federated cameras despite conflicting remote privileges.
All 2759963 When the Web address entry in the Web Server role has characters included in the domain URL, using Azure authentication to log in or out of the Web Client fails with a Page not found error.
All 2739772 Adding a user group to the Authentication Service role fails if the group is a child of the Administrators group.
All 2739772 When exporting an Area activities or Door activities report from the Report Manager role, every row sends a query to the Directory to retrieve the cardholder image overloading the system and causing the role to disconnect.
All 2734938 In the Access rules view of the Access control task, inheritance and access rights are mismatched when a parent partition is selected but none of the child partitions are.
All 2684223 Federation™ does not connect if the Reverse Tunnel Server role is assigned to an expansion server running Security Center 5.9 or earlier.
All 2682827 Active Directory pictures can only be uploaded to the default thumbnailPhoto attribute, using any other attrsibute stops the synchronization between the Active Directory and Security Center.
All 2678241 The Active Directory role does not show a warning message when the host server is not part of the Active Directory domain, even though it is mandatory to connect and synchronize.
All 2657276 The Active Directory diagnostic window shows an empty Warning message after any Credential or Cardholder synchronization warning message.
All 2646187 When backing up a remote database in the Server Admin Database Properties window, the Keep backup files field is unsupported but the field is accessible and there is no warning message.
All 2645469 When a user's privilege configuration is copied, the receiving user is moved to the host user group.
ALPR 2862025 When invalid credentials are entered for Password Grant authorization, the resulting warning message says An error occurred while exporting messages to endpoint.
ALPR 2855417 Data exporter files do not include the Confidence score in the export properties.
Workaround: To access the Confidence score, you must fetch it from the Read attributes.
ALPR 2827991 Read and hits attributes are in XML format when JSON format is selected.
ALPR 2827989 When using the Data Exporter, context images have no watermarks.
Integration 2912212 When adding a generic RTSP stream, there is a Bad login error when using the right credentials.
Integration 2863020 Scheduled tasks configured with a validity period higher than the certificate profile configuration fail to renew.
Integration 2861459 When configuring a Validity period for a scheduled task, users are unable to set a period of 3 months even if the Unit Assistant Role's Maximum validity period is configured for 3 months.
Integration 2834447 When updating a certificate with custom empty parameters in the Hardware inventory task or a scheduled task, the Unit Assistant Role (UAR) automatically uses the role's default configured values.
Video 2855753


When Synchronize video is turned on, tiles show a No recorded video at this time error message.
Video 2921701 After upgrading to Security Center, playing live video in Security Desk returns an Unauthorized error if Use secure communication is disabled for the Media Router role.
Video 2895141 Redirector process shows a memory leak leading to high CPU and memory usage.
Video 2884403 If the Limit archive viewing option is enabled in Security Desk, the Go to specific time function does not show the full range of available archives.
Video 2884169 After a Windows update, the Archiver displays a Primary and Standby servers are not running the same version of the software warning in Config Tool, despite the servers functioning as expected.
Video 2874460 After an Archiver agent restart, cameras appear offline in Config Tool although the recording works correctly.
Video 2862426 PTZ widget shows a Locked by Service error for commands when executing an event-to-action operation or Config Tool macro.
Video 2834307 Cameras with Privacy protection enabled show Stream lost message when playing live video in the Monitoring task due to extremely high CPU usage.
Video 2833618 After upgrading to Security Center, the Go to specific time command takes a long time to retrieve results.
Video 2833138 Adding or removing PTZ cameras through a Security Center Mobile or Web Client session leads to high CPU and memory leakage from the Media Gateway role.
Video 2825628 When cameras are set with On motion recording, video tiles in Security Desk show that recording is on but do not record.
Video 2810127 Archive transfer gets stuck at Waiting for results... message when there are a lot of edge transfer operations occurring.
Video 2809658 CPU spikes to 100% when the Automatic stream selection Security Desk feature interacts with cross-GPU communication and installed graphic cards on workstations.
Web Client 2902056 Creating a credential with a card number containing 11 or more digits fails when done through the Web Client.
Web Client 2902055 After upgrading from Security Center 5.9 to, users are unable to assign, add, or edit custom format credentials from the Web Client.