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You can install the patch release without any prompts or visual feedback using a command line.

Before you begin

Ensure that Security Center or later is installed and that you have administrator privileges.


  1. Log on to GTAP and download the patch release:
    1. Click > Technical Assistance > Product Download.
    2. From the Download Finder list, select Security Center > 5.10 >
    3. In the Cumulative Updates section, download the Security Center V package.
    The download package is a self-extracting zip file named Genetec™ Security Center Update
  2. Double-click on Genetec™ Security Center Update
  3. Unzip the files to a Windows folder.
    By default, the extracted files are saved to C:\Genetec.
  4. Use the command prompt to run the following command:
    “NAME_OF_THE_PATCH.exe” /s /v”/qn”

    The command can be run from the location of the .exe file. For example:

    "Genetec Security Center Update” /s /v”/qn"

    The command can also be run by entering the complete file path:

    "C:\Genetec\Genetec Security Center Update” /s /v”/qn"

After you finish

To verify that the installation was successful, click Windows > Control Panel > Programs > Programs and Features > View installed updates and consult the list of installed updates for Security Center.