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The following software issues are resolved in Security Center

Solution/Unit Issue Description
Access 3339984 When the Set reader mode is changed during the activation or deactivation of a threat level, the change fails to apply to the HID unit.
All 3410614 After upgrading from Security Center 5.8 or lower, the SQLite files related to the Health Monitor could grow continually until the server disk is full.
All 3394798 Security Desk Single Sign-on (SSO) logon fails when the user enter their email in the username field and press Enter instead of the Tab key.
All 3393273 A Security Center user can overwrite system files when using the Record Caching REST API to upload a file.
All 3391596 Zone Manager stops recording events when the database schema is set to a value different from the default (dbo).
All 3387313 After restarting a server, the system reports a Live server monitoring failed error even if the server is online and healthy.
All 3375491 Event timestamps in Zone activities reports are displayed incorrectly if the source and the system generating the report are located in different time zones.
All 3341579 Audit trail report incorrectly shows entity ownership changes upon GCS role synchronization.
All 3341529 Reports that are exported as a scheduled task are incomplete. This occurs on large reports exported in CSV format.
Video 3393920 When Security Desk user tries to generate a Hardware Inventory report on an entity, a Feature flag not found warning is displayed.
Video 3392153 Video exported from an edge camera as an MP4 or G64X file cannot be played back.
Video 3387422 In Security Desk, Omnicast federated cameras show an offline status even though the cameras are recording.
Video 3376987 Security Center logon can take a long time due to communication issues between Active Directory and Security Center.
Video 3374509 When switching H264 cameras to MJPEG for transcoding, the Stratocast Media Gateway server has excessive CPU usage.
Video 3362145 The ArchiverAgent process crashes due to too many files in the Archiver database consuming large amounts of memory.
Video 3361970 Instances of a camera sequence are not synchronized when displayed in multiple tiles.
Video 3339327 Video streams become inaccessible over time if incoming connections from previous streams did not close properly.