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The following software issues are resolved in Security Center

Solution/Unit Issue Description
All 3139789 In Config Tool, the Copy config tool might fail for users that have partition access rights inherited from user groups.
All 3168627 A high influx of camera events from federated systems might result in a high memory consumption on the Federation™ role process, potentially leading to a service crash.
All 3191143 Users that have inherited the Modify User Properties privilege from a user group can edit other users of a higher privileged user groups.
Video 3176598 When trying to stream live videos and playback from Omnicast™ Cloud Storage, the Media Router fails.
Video 3178283 The Archive viewing limitation for a federated user is not applied when viewing video from the main Archiver.
Video 3180178 Unit replacement on a system with Cloud storage activated might fail with an unexpected error.
Video 3180642 Overlays are not visible on playback video when Encryption in transit is enabled on the Archiver.
Video 3187984 When multiple cameras fail and try to connect to the Auxiliary Archiver, it might cause the Media Router to fail.
Video 3187986 In Config Tool, using a macro to control PTZ cameras overrides an Admin user's manual attempts to control the cameras.
Video 3189686 In Security Desk, pausing video playback with audio might cause a Need to push silence since there is nothing left on the audio device and no buffer is ready error message.