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The following software issues are resolved in Security Center

Solution/Unit Issue Description
All 3292799 Keyboard shortcuts do not work for the Go to the previous content in cycle and Go to next content in cycle commands in the Tile widget.
All 3280325 After an Active Directory failover, the role remains offline and locks out all associated users from Security Center.
All 3269212 Roles freeze and their process must be ended manually if they are connected to a Directory that has an expired certificate.
All 3269211 In a multi-level Federation™ hierarchy, a federated system that is nested under an entity is displayed in the area view of the Federation™ host, and can be modified or deleted by users.
All 3258290 Locked PTZ cameras rotate continuously after a joystick is disconnected and then reconnected to a Security Desk workstation.
All 3256466 Federation™ role is displayed as offline after a federated system disconnects from the Federation™ host.
Video 3281309 In Security Desk, when managed retention is enabled, searching for video in the Archives task or the Go to specific time option in the Camera widget does not show all video entries for the configured archive retention period. This prevents playback of older videos.
NOTE: In Security Center and earlier, managed retention is disabled by default and must be enabled by Genetec™ Technical Support.
Video 3270352 Unable to view or export playback video older than 24 hours.
Video 3270342 Video from Bosch fisheye cameras is not dewarped properly in Genetec™ Video Player and Security Desk.
Video 3268460 Video watermarks disappear in Genetec™ Web Player when a user changes video codecs or enables PTZ controls on a camera.
Video 3267442 The Archiver agent process crashes on startup due to high memory consumption by its windows process.
Video 3266569 When using effective retention periods on cameras, the Archiver role does not retain video for the duration configured in Camera default settings > Automatic cleanup.
Video 3266400 Genetec™ Web Player fails to stream video when a strict cross-origin requests (CORS) policy is enabled.
Video 3266376 Live video displayed on video walls become scrambled if changes are made to the video streaming configuration while streaming is in progress in the Media Gateway role.
Video 3239145 If transfer groups have been created, the Archiver role consumes additional bandwidth and creates unnecessary directory load at startup.
Video 3239086 The Archiver agent process crashes when a camera is assigned multiple Security Center schedules that overlap.