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Security Center includes the following known limitations.

Generic issues are categorized by solution. Unit-specific issues are categorized by manufacturer and model.

Limitations found in Security Center 5.11
Solution/Unit Issue First reported in Description
Access 3090695 When generating a report querying offline units, the error message displayed is different depending on if the unit is local or federated.
All 2992581 When federating a system running a version 5.8 and earlier, the Unlock for maintenance option for doors in Security Desk does not work.
All 3189646 When exporting a report that contains Japanese, simplified Chinese, or traditional Chinese characters to a PDF file on a machine running a Windows OS with a different language, the output contains invalid characters.
Workaround: Manually install supplemental fonts on the machine that exports the report. This can either be the machine running Security Desk or Config Tool, or the machine running the Report Manager if the report is generated from an event-to-action or scheduled task.
  • For Japanese: Japanese Supplemental Fonts
  • For Chinese simplified: Chinese (Simplified) Supplemental Fonts
  • For Chinese traditional: Chinese (Traditional) Supplemental Fonts
ALPR 3079602 When adding a SharpVG3 video unit in Security Center using its IPV6 address, the enrollment fails with a Unit creation failed: (Failed to register public key for sharp) error message.
Workaround: Add the video unit using its IPV4 address.
ALPR 3079655 When performing a unit replacement of a SharpVG3, the new unit does not automatically reconnect after the swap.
Workaround: Manually reconnect the new unit after the swap.
ALPR 2695910 The ALPR Manager role prevents adding 2 stacks of cameras from the same sharpZ3 unit.
Limitations found in Security Center 5.10
Solution/Unit Issue First reported in Description
Bosch 2526049 The Forensic Search report for Bosch units lists triggered events as unknown instead of with their proper event names.
All 2991912 Japanese systems display cardholder first and last names in reversed order in an English database.
All 2992764 In Security Desk, it is not possible to override the unlock schedule for federated doors running Security Center version 5.7 or 5.8.
All 2985780 When modifying or adding a new feature to client-only installations, inconsistencies in how information is displayed in the installer make it unclear what is already installed.
ALPR 3023504 The firmware version does not update to match the SharpOS and gpack version if the unit is disconnected.
Bosch 2526049 The Forensic search report for Bosch units lists triggered events as unknown instead of with their proper event names.
Web Client 2980395 When changing the Server Admin certificate on a system, Web Client SSO authentication fails with a Signature validation failed. Unable to match keys error.
Workaround: Restart the Genetec™ Server to apply the certificate change.
All 2981618 The Media Gateway role remains offline when deactivated and reactivated from a system running an earlier major version of Security Center.
Access 2965940 The OK button to complete the Mobile credential profile editor configuration is unavailable if the HID card format entered does not match any Security Center card format.
Workaround: Create a custom card format in Security Center with the HID format number as the name.
ALPR 2991937 The AutoVu™ third-party data exporter sends duplicate Sharp camera reads when the Archiver is offline.
Access 2862091 A federated GCS role (sharing guest) connected to a Federation™ sharing host can only get Cardholder activity reports from a local cardholder synchronized to the guest server by selecting it on the guest server.
Access 2873934 When in the process of creating a large number of cardholders or groups, searching in the Cardholder management task fails with an unknown error.
Access 2833422 After changing a unit enrolled using a hostname to use an IP address, the unit fails to reconnect after disconnecting.
Access 2715042 The password recovery function in the Unit Assistant role can lock a Synergis™ Softwire unit for too many failed logon attempts if the correct password is too old in the password history.
All 2822600 When the entity referenced by a hot action is deleted, the invalid hot action is not deleted immediately. If someone tries to execute the hot action, the displayed error message does not correspond to the real issue.
All 2810617 When Config Tool is not running on the server hosting the Archiver role, viewing the certification path might show that the issuer of the certificate cannot be found.
All 2760607 Users who create record types are not automatically granted the privileges to access the record types they create.
Workaround: An administrator must grant them the new privileges associated with the record types they create.
All 2715045 In languages other than French, role names in Security Center should be in English. In the current release roles names have sometimes been translated.
All 2654287 For audio alerts used for system notifications (Alarms, Play a sound, and so on), only WAV files can be used. MP3 audio files are not supported.
All 2646183 When using SQL Server authentication to connect to a database, the sysadmin role is required to back up the database.
All 2658620 The Config Tool page System > General settings > Updates cannot be displayed in the Remote configuration task.
All 2586478 The connection status to the main server might be displayed incorrectly on Server Admin on the expansion server if the connection is only blocked in one way, such as by firewall rules.
Integration 2805964 Unit passwords exported in CSV format might not open correctly in Excel.
Workaround: To correctly open this type of file, configure Excel to use commas for the separator when the locale is not English or use Excel text-to-columns feature.
Intrusion 2767208 Configuring the virtual alarm on an intrusion detection area only works if the server hosting the Intrusion Manager role is at version or later.
Mercury 2808371 When replacing an old Synergis™ Cloud Link unit with a new one using the Unit replacement tool, the offline events stored on the Mercury controller that were never synced with the old unit are not synced with the new unit either.
Sipelia™ 2634056 In the Event-to-action dialog box in Config Tool, the same contact can be configured as both the originator (From) and destination (For) of a call event, although this event can never be triggered.
Video 2803927 When the Cloud Playback role cannot download a video file saved to Cloud storage under 45 seconds (the RTSP timeout), the export times out with the error Files are missing in the source .
Video 2766853 Adding a camera to an Archiver with Cloud storage activated, then deleting it within a few minutes might lead to the creation of a ghost camera named "Unknown camera". That "Unknown" ghost camera can be deleted safely.
Video 2369474 A user with Limit concurrent logons set to 1 cannot act as the second export user unless they first log off from their own Security Desk session.
Access 2684758 When a child or parent Access Control area with people count data is moved, neither that area's data nor the former parent area's data is updated.
Workaround: Manually remove the people from the parents areas after moving the area.
Access 2658077 When a cardholder group is synchronized to a federated system through the Global Cardholder Synchronizer, events from that group are not sent to the Federation™.
Access 2657009 After moving a Synergis™ Cloud Link from one Access Manager to another, the Access control unit events report shows only events from the new Access Manager if only that Synergis™ Cloud Link is selected.
Access 2645622 Global Cardholder Synchronizer role synchronization fails if the custom field or custom data type of a cardholder, cardholder group, credential, or badge template on the host system have same name as ones on the Global Cardholder Synchronizer role server.
Access 2600678 Shunt reader and Unshunt reader actions do not work when triggered by a federated event to action.
Workaround: Use the Security Desk widget to shunt or unshunt.
Access 2592497 Configuring an event-to-action when a Cardholder Access Event (Grant/Denied) from any entity occurs, it will trigger as many times as cardholder groups that cardholder belongs to.
Workaround: Configure an event to action to trigger on Denied or Granted for the specific door, instead of cardholder grant on any entity.
Access 2579388 A unit's scheduled firmware upgrades fail if its Access Manager is changed.
Access 2565422 When creating a mobile credential for a cardholder, if the configuration is not saved or is abandoned, the request is still sent to HID generating a mobile credential without a Security Center credential.
Access 2563023 When a mobile credential is deleted from Security Center, cardholder and credential info is deleted from the Mobile Credential Manager role database resulting in empty columns in the credentials list of the Credentials tab.
Access 2506721 When searching for a new unit to enroll, HID units are undiscoverable if they are connected to the machine using WiFi.
Workaround: Disable the Wi-Fi.
Access 2497235 Overriding schedules is unavailable for federated elevators.
Access 2496085 The Last synchronization completed value of the Global Cardholder Synchronizer role only updates when the Synchronization button is triggered manually.
All 2601562 Rapid changes in door lock and output state do not show across Federations.
All 2595720 Event-to-actions with federated outputs are not deleted when the Federation™ is deleted.
Workaround: Update the associated entity from the System task.
All 2578784 The expansion server running the Reverse Tunnel Server role must be running the same Security Center version as the Directory server.
ALPR 2549833 The endpoints license counter does not update when new endpoints are added to the system.
Workaround: Restart Config Tool to refresh the counter.
ALPR 2545078 If a Genetec Patroller™ sends live events and offloads, users might receive duplicated reads and hits because the exporter does not filter for duplicates.
HID 2587891 Too many failed login attempts locks users out of the Origo Management Portal account, but the error message is unclear forcing users to navigate to the portal for a resolution.
HID 2587629 When creating multiple HID mobile credentials for a cardholder, they cannot be from the same mobile keyset even if the credentials use different part numbers.
Video 2628748 Cloud Archives: When recording redundantly, Archivers upload all video to the cloud and there is no way to disable it.
Video 2579440 After an upgrade, a file's origin type does not change and remains as recorded by Archiver, even when it is recorded by the Auxiliary Archiver.
Video 2529156 All archive transfer operations fail when a file is missing from the source.
Workaround: Delete the missing file from the Archive storage details task if they are permanently lost, or select Transfer Now to use the start time after the missing file found in the transfer group detail results.
Web Client 2647541 After logging out, logging in again using OpenID protocol does not work in Internet Explorer.
Web Client 2586493 Audio doesn't work when running the Genetec™ Web Player in Internet Explorer 11.
Limitations found in Security Center 5.9
Solution/Unit Issue First reported in Description
DSC 121718 Plugin - DSC 4.0 When you change the entity name of a DSC unit, the name change is not reflected in any associated partitions and zones.
Workaround: Delete and recreate the unit with a new name.
Access 2552255 When running Security Desk in backwards compatibility mode, users without the View cardholder properties privilege can still see some properties through the Cardholder management or Visitor management tasks.
Workaround: Disable backwards compatibility.
All 2506626 Modifications to the credential links configurations from the Active Directory role in Security Center are invalid in the Audit Trail report.
Workaround: Upgrade to Security Center
Digital Barriers 2554782 Failover configurations are not supported for Digital Barriers.
Digital Barriers 2523917 If Archiver recording is configured for a camera connected to an encoder, edge playback or trickling for that camera does not work and live video if unavailable for any other camera connected to the same encoder.
Digital Barriers 2523897 Archive sequences are only updated when reconnecting a unit.
Digital Barriers 2523895 When adding an encoder, the stream resolution is always set to the maximum and cannot be changed.
Digital Barriers 2523892 If a camera is added on an encoder after the encoder was added to Security Center, it is not visible in the system.
Workaround: Reconnect the camera.
Digital Barriers 2523889 It is only possible to have one stream per EdgeVis Encoder at a time.
Video 2552909 When configuring an Archive Transfer transfer group with a time range and completing the transfer, the Archiver will always use the last transfer date as start time.
All 2498992 Security Desk running in backward compatibly mode cannot connect using Active Directory Federation Service (ADFS) passive authentication (WS-Federation protocol).
Workaround: Use ADFS active authentication (WS-Trust protocol).
All 2488933 Security Center supports only one hostname resolution.
Video 2385733 The Limit archive viewing setting is not respected when a Security Center 5.6 system connects in backwards compatibility to Security Center
Access 2363365 You cannot move an access control unit from an Access Manager to a failover Access Manager server running an older Security Center version.
Access 1154929 HID Hardware Zone: If a zone is configured using the AND operator, and the zone state changes from active to trouble, an additional Zone normalevent is created at the same time.
Access 1092930 Modifications you make to the Online Access Rule custom field value are not immediately synched to the HID unit. If the unit is configured to synch on a schedule, this limitation does not apply.
Workaround: Trigger a manual synch.
ALPR 2433119 If an error occurs while saving an image, the License Plate Manager role goes into a warning state. The warning is removed when a read or hit from the associated ALPR unit is saved.
ALPR 2353978 When filtering by Valid status in the Parking Sessions task, results are displayed for Complete status as well.
Bosch 2189672 When using a Bosch Decoder, you cannot see the stream in a Security Desk monitoring tile.
Dallmeier 2045774 Dallmeier cameras might not display the real play speed in Security Desk Monitoring tiles.
Hanwha 2442089 Hanwha TNB-9000 camera cannot use more than 3 streams, including the edge recording profile.
Hanwha 2438411 If a Hanwha unit H.264 stream has resolution higher than 4K, the GPU cannot decode the video and the decoding defaults to CPU.
Hanwha 2417471 Security Center will return an error when updating the password for an Hanwha unit if the password does not respect the character sequence and repetition policy of the unit.
Hanwha 2415778 Hanwha units cannot establish additional video streams if the new stream is using a profile not currently used by the already established streams.
Hanwha 2342542 Fewer video streams are available in Security Center if the camera was previously added using ONVIF.
Hanwha 2156451 The wrong Object event shows in Security Desk for Hanwha Sunapi units.
Hanwha 2141046 Hardware motion detection is unavailable for Hanwha Sunapi units version 2.5.2 and earlier.
ONVIF 2434220 ONVIF units that use username token authentication must be synchronized with the Archiver's time to change password from the Unit Assistant role.
Video 2320161 The QuickSync decoder cannot render interlaced streams, leading to video jumps during playback.
Video 80828 Some devices only support the standard NTP port, 123. Problematic devices issue the following warning: Invalid configuration in unit - Unable to set NTP settings.
Access 2296444 When moving a Mercury interface module from one access control unit to another, and when each unit is under a different Access Manager in a different partition, the data synchronized to the mercury interface does not update until the new unit's Access Manager is restarted.
Access 2157706 In Config Tool, if the Access denied event is configured with the door as the source entity, the event-to-action will not trigger if the credential was stolen, lost, inactive, or expired.
Workaround: Configure an event-to-action for Access denied from a cardholder for a door.
All 2302207 If SQL CE 4.0 is not installed when upgrading from Security Center 5.7 SR2 or older to, old health events that are not carried over to the Health Monitor database are unavailable after the upgrade.
All 2142010 When using SQL AlwaysOn, database hardening entries in the Security Score widget only evaluate the connected server.
ALPR 780319 If the delta permit file cannot be generated, Genetec Patroller™ does not have the latest version of the permit.
Bosch 2314915 The VRM integration does not work if: the Bosch extension is configured to use HTTP; the camera has a firmware higher than 6.43; and the VRM firmware is lower than 3.82.
Dallmeier 2029161 When you select a sequence to play back in Security Desk, the time displayed is the actual time of the system, not the time the sequence recorded.
Intrusion 2283599 Removing a camera from an intrusion detection area will not remove the camera from its inputs in that area.
Panasonic 2322567 When changing the input pin state, the unit must be rebooted after the modification are applied.
Video 2315712 When privacy protection is enabled on video streams, audio is out of sync.
Video 2242684 The Archiver must have permission to delete folders in the archive storage drive. If not, the Archiver creates empty folders you cannot delete as part of its periodic permission validation routine.
Video 2240815 When sharing a microphone and using secure communication, you must log off and log on to Security Desk to hear the shared audio.
Video 2142877 When multiple Archiver Agent processes run on the same machine, the performance counter only monitors one of the processes.
Limitations found in Security Center 5.8
Solution/Unit Issue First reported in Description
Access 2151677 5.8 GA The ability to perform elevator reader shunting in Security Center is controlled by Maintenance mode privilege for doors.
Access 1992856 5.8 GA In the Visitor management task, before you can add a mobile credential to a visitor, you must enter an email address for that visitor, and then click Save.
All 2119701 5.8 GA Dashboards: In the Security checklist of the Security score widget, the status of the Synchronize all clocks within your system hardening entry might not be accurate if you use NetTime to synchronize the clocks within your system.
All 2031824 5.8 GA Dashboards: In the Security checklist of the Security score widget, if the Do not connect to SQL Server with an account that has administrative privileges hardening entry is respected, you might get a message saying that the Encrypt the database file hardening entry cannot be evaluated. For example, Media Router does not have sufficient privileges to detect and show the hardening status, user evaluation required.
All 2031459 5.8 GA Dashboards: In the Security checklist of the Security score widget, if the Do not connect to SQL Server with an account that has administrative privileges hardening entry is respected and connection encryption is not enabled in Security Center, you get a message saying that the Use encrypted communication between database servers and Genetec™ services hardening entry cannot be evaluated. For example, Media Router does not have sufficient privileges to detect and show the hardening status, user evaluation required.
Workaround: In Config Tool, on the Resources page of each role that cannot determine the encryption status, enable the Encrypt connections option.
All 1962377 5.8 GA Dashboards: In the Security score widget, the Do not connect to SQL Server with an account that has administrative privileges hardening entry does not take multiple Directory roles and database failover into account.
All 1870132 5.8 GA Dashboards: In the Security score widget, it can take up to five minutes for new hardening entries to be listed in the Security checklist.
All 1669420 5.8 GA You cannot control dashboards using the Remote task in Security Desk.
ALPR 2157592 5.8 GA When auto-discovery is enabled and the IP address of a SharpV changes, the new address is not automatically discovered by the ALPR Manager role.
Workaround: Edit the IP address field for the SharpV in Config Tool.
ALPR 2151096 5.8 GA If a SharpV is added to the ALPR Manager using the LPM protocol and is then reconfigured to use the Security Center (legacy) extension, a duplicate offline SharpV is added to the ALPR Manager so that associated plate reads can be retrieved.
ALPR 2135795 5.8 GA When the server hosting the ALPR Manager role is behind a NAT, you can configure the public address of the NAT in Server Admin. However, there is no way to configure the port of the NAT associated to the LPM protocol port of the ALPR Manager.
Workaround: Configure the port of the LPM protocol on the Properties page of ALPR Manager role such that it is the same as the port of the NAT. For example, if the port available on the NAT is 9876, then you must configure the LPM protocol port on the role to also be listening to 9876, and then configure your NAT accordingly.
ALPR 2115810 5.8 GA Specifying the legacy control port when adding a Sharp unit that supports the LPM protocol, forces the unit to connect with legacy connectivity.
ALPR 2098714 5.8 GA An offline duplicated unit is created when downgrading a unit from the LPM protocol to the Security Center extension (legacy).
ALPR 1762978 5.8 GA If a unit is moved from one role to another while the original role is down, that unit will not connect to the new role until the first role comes back online or the user presses the Reconnect button on the Sharp.
Axis 1843635 5.8 GA Security Center does not filter out excluded zones when Axis motion detection is configured on the unit. If these excluded zones are in the first 6 zones monitored by Security Center, the zone will not generate events.
Hanwha 2195594 5.8 GA SPE-1610 units: After starting an MJPEG stream, the audio does not work for an undetermined time because of a camera resource limitation.
Sipelia™ 2162083 5.8 GA Map features in Sipelia™ 2.8 GA and earlier do not work in Security Center 5.8 GA.
Workaround: If you upgrade to Security Center 5.8 GA, you must upgrade Sipelia™ to version 2.8 SR1 to use its map features, such as making and answering calls from maps.
Synergis™ IX 1959846 5.8 GA When using Synergis™ IX, you can assign an intrusion area's secured area to any access control area. This leads to being able to assign an entering or exiting intrusion area on a door that is not controlled by ICT hardware.
Video 2138528 5.8 GA The Auxiliary Archiver role does not support an Azure SQL Database.
Video 2101810 5.8 GA When an earlier system federates with Security Center 5.8, users see a generic error message when trying to view a camera that is encrypted in transit from Archiver.
Video 2101544 5.8 GA It is possible to set an Archiver running in backward compatibility mode to encrypt In transit from Archiver, but the option has no effect.
Video 2025093 5.8 GA Multicast IPv4 source filtering does not work consistently in some Windows 10 versions, including 1709 and 1803.
Video 2055790 5.8 GA When an earlier system federates with Security Center 5.8, or an earlier client connects to Security Center, 5.8 users see a generic error message when trying to view a camera that is encrypted in transit from Archiver.
Video 1963368 5.8 GA When Scramble entity names is enabled for a user, real camera names are still visible to that user in the stream status for playback video.
Workaround: Remove the View video stream status privilege from users that see scrambled entity names.
Video 1961781 5.8 GA Several storage entities are visible in the Archiver statistics when an ALPR role is linked to an Archiver.
Video 1915782 5.8 GA The Archiver statistics report shows information for the entire system and is not limited by privilege or partition.
Video 1903768 5.8 GA Unable to view camera streams that are encrypted in transit when connecting an earlier version of Security Desk to a 5.8 Directory.
Video 1757030 5.8 GA MP4 video exported from a Bosch VIP X1600 does not play well in VLC media player.
Workaround: Use another media player.
Access 2232371 When a door is configured with more than one door sensor, Door opened and Door closed events are reported on every input state change from offline mode.
Access 2197119 On the Peripherals page of Synergis™ Cloud Link units, the Type of reader for readers controlled by interface modules can be edited, even though modifying the setting in Config Tool does not affect the setting in Synergis™ Softwire.
NOTE: This limitation does not affect Mercury integrations.
All 2258206 Dashboards: In Health widgets, changes to the width and position of table columns are not persisted from 5.8 GA Security Desk clients to Security Desk clients of later versions.
Workaround: Upgrade all Security Desk clients to or later.
All 2228289 From the Dashboards task in a 5.8 GA client, if you try to open a Health dashboard task that was saved in a later version of Security Center, the Dashboards task closes without warning.
Workaround: Upgrade all Security Desk clients to or later.
ALPR 2264790 After generating a report from the Reads task in map mode, the first time you select a read from the list of results, the map zooms in on a location without indicating where the read was captured. Subsequent times you select a read from the list, the read is indicated on the map with a circle, but clicking on the circle displays the previous read in the tile bubble.
Panasonic 2237020 Panasonic units: Not all the color settings on the web page of the unit are available on the Color page of the unit in Security Center.
Video 2250588 ONVIF cameras: When sending PTZ auxiliary commands from a 5.7 client to a camera on a 5.8 Archiver, the wrong commands are sent.
Workaround: Upgrade the clients to 5.8.
Video 2226885 When playing back from edge with many high resolution cameras at the same time, the unit playback cache of the Archiver might exceed the configured 2GB value and consume too much disk space.
Video 2216291 When an Archiver with multiple agents is in warning, in the System status report, all servers for that Archiver are shown in warning, even though only one of the agents is affected.