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Security Center includes the following platform enhancements.

General enhancements

Simplified licensing
We reworked our licensing model and many previously licensed modules and features are now included by default in Security Center. And so, you might notice some new icons and tasks available to you in the applications. For more information on these changes, visit our website at
Unit certificate management
You can now deploy trusted certificates on your access control and video units from a central location, and automatically renew them when they are about to expire. This feature is handled by the Unit Assistant role and uses the Certificate Signing role as the certificate authority.

For more information, see Unit certificate management.

Email a report in CSV format
Operators can now create a scheduled task that automatically sends a CSV format report by email to a Security Desk user on a specific date and time, or according to a recurring schedule. This new feature makes report sharing more effective and frees up the user’s time for other important tasks. You can also email reports manually using this feature.
Send email without user created
Operators with required privileges no longer have to create and configure user accounts to send emails to non-Security Desk users. This new functionality helps operators save time, and reduce the amount of effort needed to share important information with internal and external stakeholders. It also helps reduce the number of users in a system by eliminating the need to create user accounts to send an email.
Sort alarm report and keep configuration
Security Desk users can now define a default sorting view and the sort direction for alarm groupings in their Alarm monitoring task. The system remembers the sorting option for each user. Users have the option to set up their default sorting view according to priority, state, description, and more, without their view changing every time the Alarm monitoring task is reopened.
Backup and restore of user options
It is now possible for users to backup and restore their user options for Config Tool and Security Desk. This comes in handy when switching workstations or resetting the machine, saving time and effort from having to reconfigure settings from scratch.
Email a report to cardholders
Operators with required privileges can now create a scheduled task to send a report automatically by email to cardholders on a specific date and time or according to a recurring schedule. The automation makes report sharing more effective and frees up the user’s time for other important tasks. This feature also applies to sending emails, emailing reports, or emailing snapshots, whether the actions are automated or manual.
New Print Report dialog
The user can navigate through and modify the document using the new Print report dialog, and the format is clean and easier to read. The switch to the new format is automatic and seamless when exporting or printing reports.
Custom sort order
Users can now configure a custom sort order for report results using multiple columns to help better organize and analyze reports. The sort order can include as many column properties as needed, each with a different sort direction, and the configuration is retained when saving the task.
End of support for NEC ExpressCluster X
Starting in Security Center, NEC ExpressCluster X is no longer tested or supported. Security Center 5.10 and earlier is still compatible with ExpressCluster X version For more information on the high availability features of Security Center, see About the high availability features in Security Center.
License changes for web and mobile connections
In Config Tool and Security Desk, the Mobile tab of the About page is now called Connections. This tab now includes the number of Security Desk connections and the number of combined mobile and web connections.
RFS record type filter
It is now possible to choose in the role configuration which record types in your system to query in the Records investigation task and filter by source, if applicable. This improves the scalability of data aggregation for reporting in Security Center, especially for large systems.
Bulgarian added as a supported language
We now offer Bulgarian as a language option in all Security Center applications. You can change the user interface language with the Language Tool found in the Genetec™ Security Center program group in the Start menu.

Map enhancements

Default map per user group
Operators can now specify the default map view for different user groups, making the configuration process much quicker. This ensures that each user is presented with the right information when they log into Security Desk.