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Security Center includes the following automatic license plate recognition (ALPR) enhancements.

General enhancements

New Identical plate multi-vehicle task
The Identical plate multi-vehicle task can help you detect license plates that have been illegally duplicated. The task flags improbable reads where a license plate is detected at two distant locations within a short time. The improbability is defined by setting the time between reads and the distance between reads. For example, if a license plate was detected in Montreal at 2 pm and at Ottawa at 2:30 pm, the task flags the reads.
Firmware recommendation now supported
You can now view firmware recommendations for Sharp units in your network. The proposed firmware is reflected in the hardware inventory report and in the properties tab of the Sharp unit.
New annotation fields for reads report
Vehicle analytics such as vehicle type, vehicle spare tire, vehicle color, and so on, are now available as annotation fields in the ALPR task. You can use these fields as columns in the report pane or as a filter in the reads report. For more information, seeInvestigating reported license plate reads.