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The following software issues were resolved in Security Center

Solution/Unit Issue Description
Access 3295974 Access Control units enrolled in a SaaS system might display the wrong product type.
Access 3290773 When upgrading from Security Center version 5.10 or earlier to, the Access Manager database may fail to load.
Access 3268243 In Config Tool, the Reset Keys privilege is now visible under the MIFARE DESFire Configuration section.
Access 3266926 Users without the MIFARE DESFire configuration privilege can still export a DESFire configuration to XML or SCL units.
Access 3257012 Incorrect facility codes are displayed in the mobile credential profile editor and saved in mobile credential profiles.
Access 3255379 When generating a report for the Time and attendance task, query results do not include entities under a backward federated system.
Access 3190611 When triggering an offline access granted event, credentials set to expire when not used do not update.
Access 3023555 When trying to add a local cardholder group to a Federated cardholder from the Federated host server, the cardholder manager task fails.
All 3297503 Config Tool might fail when a non-administrator user opens a map that contains a large number of entities in the Map Designer task.
All 3296988 Logging out of Config Tool or Security Desk can take up to several minutes on systems with large amounts of cardholder pictures.
All 3290268 Modifying the baseline logger in Server Admin might remove its configured log rotation settings.
All 3280325 After an Active Directory failover, the role remains offline and locks out all associated users from Security Center.
All 3270131 An unhandled exception occurs when creating an event-to-action if Security Center has a plugin installed that uses custom actions.
All 3269134 When a user without the required report privilege actions a saved task from the webSDK, the user still receives the results of that report.
All 3256466 The Federation™ role is displayed as offline after a federated system disconnects from the Federation™ host.
All 3254150 When creating a credential and setting its deactivation date to a specific date, then switching the deactivation date to never, the specific date is still set in the SDK.
All 3253827 In a multi-level Federation™ hierarchy, a federated system that is nested under an entity is displayed in the area view of the Federation™ host, and can be modified or deleted by users.
All 3245001 Event-to-action alarms that are triggered from zone events and have an acknowledgment condition are always automatically acknowledged.
All 3244712 The Reverse Tunnel role fails to connect to the cloud server when pinned certificates are not found.
All 3240657 Roles freeze and their processes must be ended manually if they are connected to a Directory that has an expired certificate.
All 3224735 Roles might fail to start after updating the Directory server certificate.
All 3215918 Audit trails reports fail to report results if the name of an associated entity is empty.
All 3215841 Users cannot log in to Security Center if the SAML2 protocol of the identity provider (IDP) does not specify a Single Logout (SLO) endpoint.
All 3207533 On systems with large amounts of custom fields, generating a report in the Cardholder activities task times out and yields no results if only custom fields are used as filters.
All 3169269 In Security Center 5.11 and later, mobile or web server roles are unable to stream video from expansions servers running Security Center 5.9 and earlier.
All 3130664 The Copy configuration tool in Config Tool prevents copying configurations from a parent to a child entity.
All 3087250 Exporting reports with images using the new Excel exporter takes longer and produces a larger file size than before.
ALPR 3295465 The AutoVu™ third-party data exporter is unable to connect to cloud-hosted instances of RabbitMQ if a forward slash (/) is entered in the hostname field.
ALPR 3295017 When doing a Identical Plate Multi-vehicle Report, and one or more Federated LPR units are selected, the report header will display a Some data sources failed to return results error message.
ALPR 3254974 The hostname field in the SFTP connection section does not allow for a hostname longer than 50 characters.
ALPR 3254244 When upgrading LPR Manager from any prior version to 5.11, the LPR database upgrade fails and the LPR Manager role gets stuck in a warning state if the database that is being upgraded is greater than 25 GB.
ALPR 3253765 When generating an LPR report, double clicking a row displays the results in Tile Mode even if the user is in Map mode.
ALPR 2593785 Users added to the "AutoVu operators" user group no longer have the Log on using the SDK privilege by default.
ALPR 2432139 When saving the credentials of an Azure database for the LPR Manager role in Config Tool, it might take a long time for the role to connect to the database.
Integration 3292803 Keyboard shortcuts do not work for the Go to the previous content in cycle and Go to next content in cycle commands in the Tile widget.
Integration 3093884 Dewarping fails for H.265 video when used with Oncam SDL at a resolution of 3008x2992.
Video 3281309 In Security Desk, searching for video in the Archives task or the "Go to specific time" option in the camera widget does not show all video entries for the configured archive retention period. This prevents playback of older videos.
Video 3280533 Successful archive transfers show an edge transfer error in the Archive transfer page of the Video task, if the Archiver related to the camera experiences connection issues.
Video 3270352 Unable to view or export playback video older than 24 hours.
Video 3270342 Video from Bosch fisheye cameras is not dewarped properly in Genetec™ Video Player and Security Desk.
Video 3268460 Video watermarks disappear in Genetec Web Player when a user changes video codecs or enables PTZ controls on a camera.
Video 3267442 The Archiver agent crashes on startup due to high memory consumption by its windows process.
Video 3266569 When using effective retention periods on cameras, the Archiver role does not retain video for the duration configured in Camera default settings > Automatic cleanup.
Video 3266400 Genetec Web Player fails to stream video when a strict cross-origin requests (CORS) policy is enabled.
Video 3266376 Live video displayed on video walls become scrambled if changes are made to the video streaming configuration while streaming is in progress in the Media Gateway role.
Video 3258291 Locked PTZ cameras rotate continuously after a joystick is disconnected and then reconnected to a Security Desk workstation.
Video 3256167 Following an upgrade from Security Center 5.7 to 5.10, cameras are assigned to the closest Archiver and Privacy Protector™ server in their network, and cannot be re-assigned.
Video 3256161 Playback is not available on a live camera that has camera blocking enabled.
Video 3255883 A warning is displayed in the Video Wall plugin when snapshots are disabled in Security Desk.
Video 3243967 When a user group has Limit archive viewing turned on and set to Inherit from parent, individual users inherit the value of the top parent user group instead of the immediate parent user group.
Video 3240704 The Genetec Video Player (GVP) fails when a username is longer than 260 characters.
Video 3239145 If transfer groups have been created, the Archiver role consumes additional bandwidth and creates unnecessary directory load at startup.
Video 3239086 The Archiver agent crashes when a camera is assigned multiple Security Center schedules that overlap.
Video 3238576 In Config Tool recorded audio will not playback after recording if the microphone is set to Unassigned in the camera Hardware tab.
Video 3237807 If there are no ports available in the port range assigned to the Auxiliary Archiver, video streams are displayed normally, but no video is recorded.
Video 3225419 In Config Tool, scheduled data transfers under the Archive transfer tab may fail.
Video 3224350 Camera sequences do not synchronize across all monitors.
Video 3207428 When upgrading from Security Center version 5.8 to 5.10, the Archiver role may fail to load or connect to the database.
Video 3190893 When exporting video from all tiles with same camera in multiple tiles, the timeframe from only 1 tile is respected.
Video 3190054 Video is recorded on both the primary and failover Archiver, despite redundant archiving being turned off.
Video 3189686 In Security Desk, when pausing video playback with audio, it might cause a memory leak and a Need to push silence since there is nothing left on the audio device and no buffer is ready error message.
Video 3187986 In Config Tool, using a macro to control PTZ cameras overrides admin user manual attempts to control the cameras.
Video 3187984 When multiple cameras fail and try to connect to the Auxiliary Archiver, it might cause the Media Router to fail.
Video 3178283 The Archive viewing limitation for a federated user is not applied when viewing video from the main Archiver.
Video 3138791 User groups inherit watermarking settings from the top user group instead of the immediate parent user group.