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The following software issues are resolved in Security Center

Solution/Unit Issue Description
All 3343962 Macros do not work in a Windows cluster environment after changing the CertificateCache folder location.
All 3338290 Federated entities are displayed as offline but operate as expected when a Federation™ role is restarted on a system that is processing a large number of events.
All 3336691 The Directory role restarts repeatedly after an erroneous disk check.
All 3318008 Multiple Directory roles simultaneously act as the primary Directory role after a network disconnection.
All 3317848 In the Activity trails task, User logged on and User logged off events display the fully qualified domain name or IP address of the initiator machine instead of the name of the machine.
All 3317413 Roles with a large number of entities take up to an hour to come online after failover occurs.
All 3298255 An incorrect Security Center build number is displayed in Config Tool and Security Desk after a hotfix is installed.
All 2736785 Warnings are not displayed in video and ALPR reports when the number of query results exceeds the maximum configured.
ALPR 3290705 Print evidence generated from reports in the Hits and Reads tasks includes maps that are unrelated to events.
Video 3342847 The Export video button is not displayed in the Bookmarks task.
Video 3342837 The Wearable Camera Manager agent fails to start if the Wearable Camera Manager role is associated with multiple Archiver roles running on the same server.
Video 3341590 The speed of exporting video is inconsistent.
Video 3340971 The Block (recursive) and Unblock (recursive) commands are unavailable for entities that are nested under an area.
Video 3340544 The Media Router role does not automatically return to the primary server after failover occurs, despite the primary server being available, healthy, and set as the highest priority server.
Video 3338677 Video streams from Cloud Archives fail when an unexpected error related to cloud services occurs.
Video 3336804 The MediaGateway.exe process consumes a large amount of resources and memory, which requires the server hosting the Media Gateway role to be manually restarted.
Video 3336696 Video streams are not displayed as expected when the Live stream option is set to Automatic and the size of the monitoring tiles changes.
Video 3332102 Thumbnails are not generated when using Quick search for live or playback video if the query to the Archiver database times out.
Video 3316907 Unable to view live streams after a restart of the Archiver agent due to a crash where the previous instance of the process does not end and the RTSP port remains in use.