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The following issues are resolved in Security Center

Solution/Unit Issue Description
Access 3690107 In Security Desk, the Activity trails report does not display the correct initiator information for the Unlock for maintenance and Override unlock schedules actions on federated doors.
Access 3730565 When the Access Manager role tries to reconnect to a Synergis™ unit, the connection request sometimes gets blocked and cannot be canceled, causing the unit to remain offline and unable to reconnect.
All 3469136 If you log on to a Security Center client version that is not included in the Server Admin Allow applications starting from version (backward compatibility) range setting, an incompatible version error occurs.
All 3675700 In the Config Tool, Health Monitoring does not trigger events when the SQL Express database space is low or when it reaches the set threshold.
All 3726902 In the Config Tool User management task, when you deny View intrusion detection unit properties and allow View intrusion detection area properties, the Federation™ role stops working if syncing. All entities associated with that Federation appear offline.
All 3729690 In Config Tool, when a camera is deleted and then re-added, the Health history and Statistics reports might still display the camera in a deleted state.
All 3729975 On the Config Tool Privileges page for a user, when changing one of the Show filter options, the filter is not applied.
All 3730186 In Security Desk, when sorting a Health history report with more than one sort criteria and one of those criteria is Health event or Entity source, the results are sorted incorrectly.
All 3731110 In the Config Tool Video task, when a non-admin user has the privilege to add a camera to a transfer group, the operation fails due to insufficient privileges. The failure happens only when the camera and transfer group are in different partitions.
All 3770929 In the Security Desk System status task, when you select Media Gateway from the Monitor list, the connection to the main server fails and all other servers enter a warning state. This happens when you use Security Desk 5.11 or earlier with version 5.12 of the main server.
Video 3674040 When generating a Unified report in Config Tool, there is a delay before the number of items displayed agrees with the configured maximum number of items.
Video 3699083 In Security Desk, generating Bookmark reports results in inconsistent total counts for the same date range when using the Generate and save report option.
Video 3728649 In the Security Desk Activity trails report, there is an excessive number of seeks due to performing multiple seeks in a short period in the Monitoring task.
Video 3730925 In Security Desk, exporting or saving video files in ASF format shorter than 5 minutes might fail and return the following error message: The list of orderedFiles does not overlap the wanted range.
Video 3731758 In the Config Tool Video task, the Privacy Protector™ role displays an error message indefinitely, even though the role is no longer experiencing problems.
Video 3739726 In the Audit trails report, events related to video file protection are not logged due to incorrect time zone identifiers on the unit.
Video 3764130 In the Config Tool Video task, when adding video files using offline devices, JPEG files might become corrupted.
Video 3763983 In Config Tool, when importing video files from offline devices, the date and time separator recognizes the period (.) character as the only valid character.
Video 3770833 In Security Desk, when you display one tile in the Monitoring task and you have both Visual tracking and Synchronize video enabled, the playback video jumps to live video.
Video 3772100 The Hardware Management service increases memory and CPU usage, causing Security Desk to become slow.
Video 3773036 After an Archiver statistics report gets stuck and times out, the subsequent report attempts will always time out.
Video 3773296 In Config Tool, the Copy configuration tool sometimes fails to copy the Video quality configuration when the Codec configuration was changed on one of the cameras.
Video 3774526 When a local file is corrupted, the Cloud Archives plugin cannot continue uploading cloud archives.
Video 3777601 The Video File Analyzer tool crashes and closes when it encounters a corrupt file.
Video 3805366 When connecting to the Archiver database, the integrity check doesn't add a Stop recording event which causes the timeline on playback video to display the white bars indicating that there is video for times that don't have video recorded.