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Resolved issues are software issues from previous releases that have been fixed in the current release.

The following software issues were resolved in Security Center 5.7 SR2.
Solution or unit Issue Description
Access 1730845 In the Visitor management task, unassigning a returning visitor from a cardholder group during a check-in does not remove the visitor from the group.
Access 1700132 Global Cardholder Synchronizer (GCS): The GCS role restarts when the Access Manager creates a custom field and incorrectly assigns an Admin user as the owner of the custom field, and every time changes are made to entities that custom field applies to.
Access 1607360 Mercury EP: Entering a six-digit PIN starting with 0 (zero) on a card-or-pin door reader unlocks the door, but does not trigger an Access granted event in Security Desk.
Access 1589303 GCS: In the Global partitions list, when you clear all the partitions, and then perform a full sync (manual or scheduled sync), the partitions and all their entities are deleted from Security Center.
Access 1520184 Synergis™ extension: After a Synergis™ unit is disconnected many times (dozens), the Access Manager role crashes.
Access 1456628 Synergis™ Cloud Link: After reconnecting a Synergis™ unit, the Debounce setting of Mercury EP inputs is reset to the default Security Center value.
Access 1390876 GCS: If a global cardholder is assigned to a local cardholder group on the sharing guest and a full sync (manual or scheduled sync) is performed, the relationship between that global cardholder and the sharing guest's local cardholder group is removed.
Access 1350241 It is not possible to add access rules to federated cardholders from the Cardholder management task.
Access 1176587 Synergis™ Cloud Link: In Config Tool, after a firmware upgrade, the unit remains in warning (displayed in yellow) with the message Firmware upgrade in progress, even though the upgrade was successful.
All 1703720 In Security Desk, when an alarm is configured to play the same sound as another alarm, if the alarm is triggered while the other alarm is playing a sound, the second alarm never plays a sound.
All 1663800 Only users who are part of the Administrators group can use the Copy configuration tool on user groups.
All 1658483 Timestamps in emails received from event-to-actions do not include time zone information.
All 1643082 When Directory failover is configured and Security Desk is connecting in backward compatibility mode, the Directory crashes periodically.
All 1626791 A user with denied privileges cannot add users nor user groups.
All 941747 When you create a scheduled task to Import from file, you can only select a file from the local drive and not from a network drive.
Axis 1177717 Axis Q3708-PVE: When motion detection is configured, Motion on/off events are not triggered on the correct encoder, therefore, the encoders that do detect motion do not start recording on motion.
Bosch 1357788 Bosch: Metadata overlays are not available for cameras that support essential Intelligent Video Analysis (IVA).
HID 1586052 HID EHR40 and EHRP40: When presenting a badge to an enrolled reader that does not have an expansion module, no events are received in Security Desk.
HID 1515983 HID EVO units: In Config Tool, after successfully upgrading the unit firmware to, the units do not come back online.
HID 1468057 HID EH400 with ELM module: In Config Tool, the units constantly go offline.
Intelbras 1591193 Intelbras HDCVI 1032: The unit is online, but randomly stops streaming video.
LPR 1715225 If you try restoring a parking session for an unknown vehicle after the LPR Manager restarts, AutoVu™ Free-Flow might stop working properly, for example, the occupancy count does not increase, parking sessions cannot be created, and so on.
LPR 1486358 The LPR Manager role times out when the T2 payment provider takes too long to respond to a last-chance lookup query.
LPR 1397545 When a scheduled task created to export Reads reports in PDF format is executed, the Report Manager role crashes, and then restarts.
LPR 1284820 If you configure the LPR Manager role to send an email notification when database space is running low, the system does not send the notification.
Panasonic 1588346 Panasonic WJ-GXE500: When a PTZ camera is enabled, the unit is overloaded and constantly goes offline.
Panasonic 1413163 Panasonic WJ-GXE500: PTZ cannot be enabled on more than one encoder at a time.
Panasonic 1399244 When using a French OS and French Config Tool, switching between streams on a Panasonic camera's Video page causes an unhandled exception to occur.
Panasonic 1356572 Panasonic cameras using H.265 codec: Video buffers during playback, and thumbnail generation is slow because of missing key frames. When you try exporting video, the message No video is displayed, and the export fails.
Sony 1640507 In Security Desk, when Sony 4K cameras record in unicast TCP, video and thumbnails are corrupted, and G64 video files cannot be exported to MP4.
Video 1684172 The Media Router role starts in 32-bit mode instead of 64-bit mode.
Video 1682959 When you generate a report in the Security Desk Archives task after moving a camera from an Archiver that has thumbnail request disabled to an Archiver that has thumbnail request enabled, the thumbnail does not generate, and is stuck in the Generating thumbnails… state.
Video 1659992 In the Archive transfer task, Retrieve from edge transfers are not run after a unit is added to or deleted from Security Center.
Workaround: Restart the Archiver role.
Video 1563941 NVIDIA decoders cannot decode interlaced H.264 video streams.
Video 1546596 The message Recording Problem: Not Receiving data stream does not list the possible causes of the issue.
Video 1545578 Disabling video file protection on non-protected files through a macro or SDK application produces files that are never deleted after the retention period is over.
Video 1518372 After exporting video archives larger than 4.28 GB from Security Desk in MP4, the video freezes during playback.
Video 1510528 Pelco-D PTZ protocol: The number of presets in Security Desk is limited to 99, while there are 255 presets on the Pelco configuration web page.
Video 1475165 When running a scheduled archive transfer from an edge unit, the transfer remains in the In progress status forever.
Video 1475163 When there is backward compatibility between Security Center 5.5 and earlier and Security Center 5.6 and later, federated cameras have an archive viewing limit of 1 day.
Video 1410498 When resizing video tiles in Security Desk, the resolution of the video streams is not automatically adjusted, even though the Live stream option is set to Automatic.
Video 1356428 KiwiVision: After the Archiver role restarts, the overlay update stream can no longer be displayed because it is not stored in the Media Router database.
Video 1355895 When viewing video in Security Center, overlay streams are not displayed after some time.