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Resolved issues are software issues from previous releases that have been fixed in the current release.

The following software issues were resolved in Security Center 5.7 SR3.
Solution/Unit Issue Description
Access 1870769 In Config Tool, if you modify settings on the Hardware page of a door, and use the search filter for the Request to exit field, after you apply the changes, the Request to exit field cannot be modified again.
Access 1867376 When a door is set to Card and PIN, if a cardholder that shares the same PIN as another cardholder presents their badge to the door, in the Cardholder activities task, the Supplemental credential column lists the credential of the wrong cardholder.
Access 1820028 Import tool: When you try replacing a credential that uses the ABA custom card format, the replacement does not occur.
Access 1767469 After upgrading to Security Center 5.7 SR2, all doors that had a Low Battery warning before the upgrade become yellow in the Area view task, and display the message Low battery on wireless lock, even though no wireless lock is associated to the door.
Access 1766245 The Access Manager role might experience severe performance degradation if it manages a Synergis™ Cloud Link unit that controls many hardware integrations, such as Mercury EP boards, totaling hundreds of devices (inputs, outputs, and readers).
Access 1760118 When an event-to-action is configured on an area to trigger an output on a Mercury EP or an HID V300 unit, the event is triggered, but no action occurs.
Access 1758804 If an I/O zone is disarmed (displayed in orange) and the Access Manager role restarts, after the role comes back online, if you arm the zone, the zone is displayed as unknown (blue) instead of armed (green).
Access 1651231 When the visitor escort rule is enforced and the reader is offline, in Security Desk, an offline Access granted event is only reported for the host, and not for the visitor, even though both host and visitor were granted access.
Access 1634525 Synergis™ Cloud Link: In the Config Tool Hardware inventory task, after a firmware upgrade from 10.5 to 10.7, the upgrade status is displayed as Failed, even though the upgrade was successful.
Access 1599169 In the Visitor management task, when checking in a returning visitor, the visitor host from the visitor's previous check-in is saved, even though you selected a different visitor host for the current check-in.
Access 1529765 Import tool: When you import a CSV file that has over 1300 rows, and set one of the columns as a custom field, the import fails.
All 1888721 In the User management task, on the Advanced page of a user or user group that has multiple parents, if Limit archive viewing is set to Inherited from parent, and one of the parents uses the default setting, the default setting is inherited, instead of the most restrictive setting.
All 1887751 When you try to add a cardholder that has an image in a custom field in Security Center, Config Tool crashes.
All 1868143 In Config Tool, if you add a shape to a map, and set another map as its identity and as a link, from the Security Desk Maps task, when you click on the shape, the contextual menu displays duplicate links to the map.
All 1791440 Users with full privileges and full access rights who are not part of the Administrators user group cannot email Alarm reports using a scheduled task.
All 1745458 You cannot set up ESRI as your map provider if you do not have access to the Internet.
Axis 1865316 AXIS M2026-LE Mk II: In Config Tool, on the Video page of the camera, there is no MJPEG option available, even though the camera supports it.
Axis 1751405 Axis cameras running firmware 7.40 and later: Firmware upgrades cannot be performed from Security Center 5.7 SR1 and later.
Bosch 1815276 Bosch cameras go offline, and then come back online every few minutes because event notification connections are leaked.
Bosch 1601508 In Config Tool, if motion detection is disabled on a Bosch unit, when you reconnect the unit, on the unit's web page, motion detection (VCA) is still enabled, causing unnecessary motion traffic between the unit and the Archiver, and CPU usage on the unit.
FLIR Systems 1183635 FLIR CC-3103-01-I: The unit becomes inactive (displayed in red) in Security Center after you change the unit's default digital output mode.
HID 1796339 HID EH400K: After upgrading the firmware of a unit using the HID Discovery Update Tool, the unit does not come back online in Config Tool.
HID 1787957 HID V1000: After upgrading to Security Center 5.7 SR2, EEPROM settings fail to be pushed to the unit.
LPR 1786623 When a non-admin user monitors LPR events in Security Center, and high resolution images are automatically loaded, the CPU of the machine hosting the LPR Manager role reaches 100%, and the whole system becomes unresponsive.
LPR 1707260 When you create a hotlist that includes an EffectiveDate column, but not an ExpiryDate column, the new line cannot be added and the hotlist cannot be saved.
LPR 1626809 When a Live Infraction Validation returns a license plate as valid, AutoVu™ Free-Flow still raises a violation with the reason Paid time invalid.
LPR 1601527 In the Config Tool LPR task, the General settings tab is not available to users created from the Basic AutoVu operator privilege template, and who are not assigned to a user group.
LPR 1597397 When logged in to Security Desk on an alternate Directory server, License plate read events are duplicated in the Monitoring task.
LPR 1586829 The LPR Manager role is in a warning state, displaying the message The following device list contains devices that are not fully connected to the archiver, which may cause problems to retrieve or save images, even though the devices are fully connected.
Video 1867642 When using multicast, video overlays are not archived on the Archiver.
Video 1852686 Hardware acceleration cannot be used on laptops equipped with a graphics card that supports NVIDIA Optimus.

Video in Security Desk will appear to be stuck on Decoding Stream in the tile.

Video 1844794 Under very specific circumstances, Vivotek cameras using HTTPS with digest authentication might cause the server to leak ports. The units on this server might randomly go offline because of this.
Video 1825214 Security Desk crashes intermittently because of a Genetec.Media.Component32.exe error.
Video 1787831 When the Recording frame rate of a camera is set to anything other than All frames, the Archiver agent process deadlocks, and then restarts automatically after a few minutes.
Video 1771459 In the Monitoring task, if you drag a camera using an ImmerVision dewarper into a tile, zoom in to the edge of the lens, and then save the task, when you reload the view, the dewarped image is no longer positioned properly.
Video 1771422 When you restore a Monitoring task, if a tile was dewarped, zoomed in, and configured with Automatic stream usage, the stream might not be restored to be in high resolution.

If a tile was dewarped, restoring the task might apply digital zoom to the tile.

Video 1759537 Camera recording problem health events are triggered, even though the video recording was uninterrupted.
Video 1755113 When you change the multicast address of a stream, while it is still connected to that address, a new connection to the stream might fail to connect to a new address until the previous connection is broken.
Video 1707049 Live blocking on a unit might not work if that unit was replaced using the Unit replacement tool.
Video 1678218 Exporting video in MP4 format from federated cameras fails.
Video 1622418 On a system using Secure Communication that has Archiver failover and Media Router failover configured, after failover occurs, live streams in Security Desk might not start.
Video 1532883 When Archiver failover is configured, the secondary server might request video from the camera, without archiving it, even though the primary server is still functional.
Video 1045918 If querying many cameras for many Archivers at the same time for motion events, many of the Archivers return a Query timed out error message.
Web Client 1822159 After exporting video from Web Client, the video export is displayed as successful, even though the file is corrupted.
Web Client 1815929 Web Client: When searching for video archives by clicking Go to specific time, and then navigating to past months using the arrows on the calendar, the archives take a long time to load, and the results might not be for the correct month.
Web Client 1634524 If you change the Server Admin password, the change is not reflected in Web Client.