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Resolved issues are software issues from previous releases which have been fixed in the current release.

The following software issues were resolved in Security Center 5.7 SR4.
Solution/Unit Issue Description
Access 1962098 Global Cardholder Synchronizer (GCS): When the remote site synchronizes with the host site, custom fields using custom data types are not properly synchronized.
Access 1960540 After upgrading to Security Center 5.7, in the Visitor management task, when you open the cardholder form of a returning visitor, the Visitor hosts field is empty, even though the cardholder is assigned a visitor host.
Access 1955516 After upgrading to Security Center 5.7, in the Visitor management task, when you open the Visitors window to see the potential matches of a returning visitor, no pictures are displayed for the potential matches listed.
Access 1953151 When you enroll 40-bit Casi-Rusco credentials using an RF IDeas RDR-6281AKU USB reader, the raw data in Security Center and in Synergis™ Cloud Link do not match.
Access 1925891 In Security Desk > Options > Date and time, if Display time based on each device's time zone is selected, when you generate a report, the list of results is incomplete.
Access 1925798 When you change the access control unit linked to a hardware zone, the hardware zone is linked to its previous Access Manager role instead of the Access Manager role to which the access control unit belongs.
Access 1924600 The Access Manager role needlessly synchronizes offline configuration data is to all of its units, whenever a credential's expiration date is modified.
Access 1922024 In the Time and attendance task, when you try to generate a report for a large database by clicking Generate and save report, the query times out.
Access 1917778 HID Mobile: The card format H10302 is displayed as Standard 26 bits in the Mobile credential profile editor in Config Tool.
Access 1914604 When a cardholder is inactive and its credential is either lost, stolen, or inactive, if an Access Denied event is triggered, the reason for the event is always listed as Inactive Cardholder instead of the reason associated to the credential (Stolen Credential, Lost Credential, or Inactive Credential).
All 1951826 Directory failover does not work when a storage area network drive (SAN) goes offline on the Directory or secondary Directory server.
All 1925329 When the Archiver role is unable to generate thumbnails, event-to-actions configured with the Email a snapshot action might fail.
All 1925012 In the Monitoring task, map links do not always display the desired map.
All 1924719 After the GenetecUtility32.exe restarts, you do not receive the Live server monitoring restored event, even though the sever is back online.
All 1923274 On large systems, after the Health Monitor role comes online, the Health history and Health statistics tasks time out for several minutes.
All 1919635 In the Alarm monitoring task, when you select a group of alarms, the Alarm acknowledge button is no longer displayed.
All 1919081 When you generate a report from the Health history or Health statistics tasks, the number of results exceeds the limit configured in the Maximum number of results setting in Security Desk > Options > Performance.
All 1915966 Camera sequences with a preset pattern do not play when the alarm they are attached to is triggered.
All 1904834 After restarting a large system, the Health Monitor role takes a long time to come back online.
All 1892648 The Health Monitor role might receive duplicate health events.
All 1886989 Emails sent using event-to-actions might have timestamps in the wrong format.
Intrusion 1958451 The extension product list is always emptied when an extension using the SDK of 5.7 SR2 or earlier is loaded in 5.7 SR3.
LPR 1940880 Hotlist matching fails when the plate state is not read, even though the plate number matches.
LPR 1886922 Hits cannot be raised for license plates containing German special characters Ä, ä, Ö, ö, Ü, or ü.
LPR 1860061 There is no option to export a Genetec Patroller™ route playback report.
Panasonic 1904838 If redundant archiving is configured, while the main Archiver role restarts, a few seconds of video footage might be lost.
Sony 1871175 SNC-VM772R: In Security Center, when you change the Wide dynamic range setting, the change is not reflected on the unit's web page.
Verint 1865469 After Genetec™ Server restarts or after the GenetecVideoUnitControl32.exe process fails, configuration of some units might be lost.
Video 1957669 The Archiving queue full warning is displayed for the Auxiliary Archiver.
Video 1957324 When using motion detection, the green motion indicator bar on the video timeline might not be displayed for the first 10 seconds when starting a new file or when starting a new recording sequence through motion, event, or manual recording.
Video 1956246 After upgrading from Omnicast™ 4.8 to Security Center 5.7 SR3, some G64 video files cannot be played.
Video 1952246 Hardware decoding does not work on laptops that use Nvidia graphic cards.
Video 1951951 There is high CPU usage on the Directory, caused by frequently changing the configuration of the Archiver.
Video 1951929 There is high CPU usage in Security Desk because interlaced video is not decoded by an Nvidia graphic card.
Video 1925151 Web Client does not work when viewing H.264 video on a Windows 8.1 client with Internet Explorer 11.
Video 1916681 The multicast address remains reserved in the Media Router role, even after you delete the camera from Security Center.
Video 1915732 Archive transfer using the Backup scenario displays a smaller Transferred data size than expected when two archive transfers occur too close together.
Video 1899025 Privacy-protected video streams frequently become unresponsive when the CPU usage on the Privacy Protector server is high.
Video 1896100 Archive transfer using the Duplicate archives scenario is displayed as completed without transferring any data.
Video 1892679 When a camera is recorded by different roles (Archiver and Auxiliary Archiver), the playback stream sometimes alternates between the playback sources, causing different video resolutions and qualities to be displayed randomly.
Video 1887888 Archive transfer using the Backup scenario fails with the errors Error with the RTSP communication session, Server Unavailable, and No stream source found.
Video 1864384 After restarting the Media Router role, multiple streams might have the same multicast address.