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Resolved issues are software issues from previous releases that have been fixed in the current release.

The following software issues were resolved in Security Center 5.7 SR5.
Solution/Unit Issue Description
Access 2116103 Cardholders and credentials cannot be imported using the Import from file option in a scheduled task.
Access 2021936 The Door open too long event is only generated the first time a readerless door is held open too long.
Access 1867376 When a door is set to Card and PIN, if a cardholder that shares the same PIN as another cardholder presents their badge to the door, in the Cardholder activities task, the Supplemental credential column lists the credential of the wrong cardholder.
All 2116393 In the Health history task, filtering for events by specific dates might not provide accurate results.
All 2049110 When using the Diagnostic data collection tool on the Media Router server, data collection stops with a System.OutOfMemoryException error.
All 2030481 The GenetecSecurityCenterFederation process crashes, then resets, and Federation™ cannot be completed.
All 1868620 The Diagnostic data collection tool fails with a System.IO.IOException error.
All 1709027 The Health statistics report query might time out if the database of the Health monitor role is too large, and there are too many health events to be queried (hundreds of thousands).
LPR 2112407 If a Keyhole Markup Language (KML) file is created using Geoportal, the file cannot be imported in Config Tool to define parking zones.
LPR 2042531 The LPR Manager role might not be able to run database upgrade scripts on SQL Azure.
Video 2121876 After the Media Router role restarts, in a very large system, too many devices and streams are loaded in cache, making the role unresponsive.
Video 2115798 During a Security Center upgrade, the Archiver database index is defragmented to avoid performance issues such as query timeouts or long response time.
Video 2115565 When playing back video from a federated Omnicast™ camera in Security Desk, using the Go to specific time command does not always go to the requested time.
Video 2112880 The memory usage and thread count of the Media Router role are abnormally high.
Video 2101219 Overlays are not displayed when playing G64x files.
Video 2047974 After an upgrade to Security Center 5.7, some Archiver roles can no longer control PTZ on PTZ cameras.
Video 2043898 Sequence gaps during video archiving are caused by video analytics events.
Video 2043805 When two video units configured with edge recording are on the same Archiver, one or both units might no longer have sequences available.
Video 2028820 Using the GeneralSettings.gconfig file to change the output resolution of a camera that has privacy protection enabled might not result in the resolution you configured.
Video 2026415 After upgrading from Omnicast™ to Security Center, there is a delay in PTZ controls when using a joystick.
Video 2025830 G64x files cannot be played in Security Desk because a specific XML lens configuration is not handled properly.
Video 2022720 In some cases, when using Go to specific time, some queries return a Query timeout.
Video 1963670 A race condition can occur after an Archiver failover, causing a connection failure on numerous cameras.
Video 1961467 After performing playback-pause-live operations in the same tile, the frame rate progressively gets lower for live video.
Web Client 1963394 The download speed from Web Client is slow over WAN.
Web Client 1962634 When exporting video from Web Client, the Preparing download phase of the export gets stuck at 95%, and never completes.