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Security Center versions are released by Genetec™ as a General Availability (GA) release, Service Release (SR), or Cumulative Update (CU) release.

General Availability (GA)

A General Availability (GA) release is a release that is available to all Genetec customers.

General Availablity releases can be a minor or major software release:
Minor release (Version.X)
  • Software version that can contain new feature additions, behavioral changes, bug fixes, and support for new operating systems.
  • Backward compatible (client and servers) with two previous minor versions. For example, a 5.3 client can connect to a 5.5 server.
  • A new license is required to upgrade to a newer minor release.
  • Typically released once or twice a year.
Major release (X.0)
  • Software version that can contain major new features, major changes to the user interface, architectural changes, and licensing changes.
  • No backward compatibility guaranteed between major releases, or from the previous minor release.
  • Typically released every 5 years.

Service Release (SR)

A Service Release (SR) is a standalone release that includes minor functionality improvements, bug fixes, and the integration of new hardware, intrusion devices, and plugins.

Service Releases can be used for a new installation. If you are upgrading to a Service Release, no license update is required.

Service Releases are fully compatible between each other.

Service Releases are typically released every 2 to 3 months. After a new minor software version is released, no more Service Releases are released for the previous minor version.

Cumulative Update (CU)

A Cumulative Update (CU) is a release patch to include the cumulative hotfixes for a product release.

Cumulative Update packages are installed over an existing installation, and do not require a full system upgrade.

Cumulative Updates are typically released every month. They are released up to 1 year after the previous minor version is released.