Resolved issues in Security Center 5.7 SR6 CU1 - Security Center 5.7 SR6 CU1

Security Center Release Notes 5.7 SR6 CU1

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Security Center 5.7 SR6 CU1
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Resolved issues are software issues from previous releases that have been fixed in the current release.

The following software issues were resolved in Security Center 5.7 SR6 CU1.
Solution/Unit Issue Description
Access 2232682 After both the Directory and Access Manager roles restart, a cardholder's last known location is not reflected in the People counting task if the cardholder's last access request was on a captive door.
All 2250782 Removing a cardholder group that has over 20 thousand cardholders from a partition stalls WfEntityUpdate and causes the Directory to time out.
All 2242522 In the Monitoring task, when running a macro from a map in a tile, and then switching tasks, an error occurs.
All 2238248 You cannot drag and drop alarms into unpacked tiles that are disarmed in the Monitoring task.
All 2229720 Security Desk freezes when a high number of alarms is received in the Alarm monitoring task.
All 2210892 In the Map designer task, maps cannot be created, and the message Please wait, the map is not available yet is displayed.
Bosch 2238456 Bosch VIP-X16XF-E and VJM-4016 units using firmware 5.80 and later: On the Video page of the unit, the Resolution setting is missing.
Interlogix 2219688 SymNet units: Playback video might be pixelated or skip frames.
Mercury 2251860 When adding many Mercury EP controllers to a Synergis™ Cloud Link unit, the controllers remain offline with the message pending addition or pending deletion on the Peripherals page of the Access Manager role.
SDK 2232738 The Zone activities report cannot be queried using the SDK.
SDK 2211319 When generating a CardholderAccessEvent, the cardholder entity must be assigned in the dedicated property because the cardholder information is no longer taken from the source entity.
Verint 2234040 Verint S1500 series: After upgrading to Security Center 5.7 SR6 or later, units remain offline, even if they are rebooted or reconnected.
Video 2243370 The Media Router algorithm for the connection wait list of federated remote site does not work properly, leading to unreachable federated cameras and unrecoverable sites.
Video 2242447 After exporting video with a 48 kHz sample rate to MP4, there are intermittent drops in the audio output.
Video 2235524 The MediaGateway cache cleaning algorithm does not delete files over the configured cache size limit for cameras in playback, leading to low disk space on the server.
Video 2232625 The Windows user account folder used as the video cache location is written onto, even though a different folder is specified in Security Desk Options > Video > Video cache.
Video 2222308 In Security Desk, when you drag a camera into a monitoring tile that already has a camera in it, events are not logged correctly for the new camera in the Activity trails task.
Video 2221519 The Media Gateway role increasingly takes up server resources until it crashes.
Video 2219448 Exporting video with audio to ASF might fail with the NullReferenceException.
Video 2219415 PTZ commands cannot be sent through the SDK by non-admin users to federated cameras.
Video 2210119 When a camera is recording On motion/manual, and an event-to-action triggers the camera to start recording and send a Motion On event, manually triggering the camera to stop recording stops the recording, even though the camera should continue recording because of the event-to-action.
Video 2208976 Retrieving video from edge, based on motion events is not possible because edge motion events are not recorded properly by the Archiver.
Web SDK 2242965 Web SDK is unable to send camera information if a X.509 certificate is attached to the camera or to the Archiver.