Resolved issues in Security Center 5.7 SR6 CU3 - Security Center 5.7 SR6 CU3

Security Center Release Notes 5.7 SR6 CU3

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Security Center 5.7 SR6 CU3
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Resolved issues are software issues from previous releases that have been fixed in the current release.

The following software issues were resolved in Security Center 5.7 SR6 CU3.
Solution/Unit Issue Description
Access 2354435 You cannot change your Synergis™ Softwire password in Config Tool if Synergis™ Softwire is running on Synergis™ Cloud Link or Synergis™ Master Controller.
All 2353739 In Security Desk, the Vault tool takes a long time to load when there are too many folders to navigate.
All 2342654 When moving a Monitoring task with a map to a new screen, Security Desk fails.
Axis 2343904 When adding a new Axis multi-encoder with VMD4 turned off, the archiver fails.
Axis 2316462 When adding an Axis camera through a secure connection using its hostname, there is a signed certificate error.
Bosch 2351593 When requesting the second stream on a Bosch unit with firmware 7.10 or 7.50, the first stream is used instead.
SDK 2306286 If a camera is not PTZ, the PTZ capabilities property returns a null value.
Video 2345722 When running Security Desk with no internet connection available, set up time for displaying video is slow.
Video 2324377 When a camera with H.265 video is configured to record on motion, the tile goes gray when the playback jumps from where a motion sequence ends to the next motion sequence.
WebSDK 2280396 Clearing the credential collection of access rules members using an asterisk (*) does not work.