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Known issues are software issues that have been discovered in the current release or a previous release, and have not yet been resolved.

Generic issues are categorized by solution. Unit-specific issues are categorized by manufacturer and model.

Security Center 5.7 SR6 includes the following known issues.
Solution/Unit Issue Description
Access 1767190 Credentials are only partially enrolled when using the Credential Management task to automatically enroll the credentials.
Access 1577169 In the Visitor management task, if a visitor is checked in using two hosts, during the next visitor check-in, only one host from the previous check-in is pre-selected. The warning Selected host is already part of a two-host delegation is displayed.
Workaround: Assign a second host manually.
Access 1191407 When you generate a report in the Cardholder Management task that includes Activation date or Expiration date, the report results only include cardholders. The report should also include credentials, which also include activation and expiration dates.
Access 1113223 When a cardholder badges their credential on a reader inside an area, the cardholder is included in the people count of the area and the Area presence report, but not in the Time and attendance report.
Access 1067500 If an area is configured with interlock, and one of the doors has an unlock schedule, you receive an Interlock configuration error message even though the configuration is valid.
Access 1010579 Advanced settings for returning visitors are not saved in the Visitor management task.
Access 784592 If a cardholder enters an area, and then their card is swiped outside of the area, they are still considered inside that area in the Time and attendance report.
NOTE: Make sure that the area is fully secured, meaning that people cannot enter or exit the area without swiping their card.
Access 365646 Mercury EP: On the Peripherals page of a controller, the number of synchronized credentials randomly disappears, such as after the Access Manager restarts.
Access 150069 Active Directory: When you are importing credentials from an Active Directory, only the last credential format that is mapped is used.
Adcor Magnet 2159313 Ubik 360: Adding the unit and changing the video resolution from the maximum resolution to a lower resolution triggers the unit to reboot cyclically.
Workaround: Unplug the power cable and reset the camera a few times.
All 1957972 When copying map objects from a geographic map to a georeferenced image map, the position of the map objects might be incorrect after pasting because of the differences in coordinate systems.
All 1925181 When you restart Genetec™ Server on the server hosting the Federation™ role, you do not receive the Connection to camera stopped by user event for federated cameras.
All 1704397 System security: You can configure Security Center users to not require passwords.
All 1700130 If the GenetecUtility32.exe process crashes while you are receiving health events, some of the events might be lost.
All 1693040 Server Admin does not enforce any restrictions on user passwords.
All 1523522 When a Security Center Federation™ role is in maintenance mode, its child entities cannot be set to maintenance mode, causing inaccurate health statistics for those entities.
All 1142954 When using the Motion search task to query for motion events, the query returns results that include a lower motion percentage level than what was configured in the query.
All 1107130 In the Config Tool System task, when selecting the export format for Scheduled tasks, "PDF" is listed twice.
All 998171 Removing a feature from Config Tool does not remove it from Web Client.
All 370163 In the Hotlist and permit editor, if you configure a hotlist to use a remote file path, loading the hotlist will result in an "Invalid credentials" error.
All 259409 Security Desk: Reports that cannot be filtered by Custom Fields are Access control unit events, Access rule configuration, Camera configuration, and I/O configuration.
All 235098 When a lot of alarms are triggered on the system, the alarm count reported in Security Desk might not be accurate.
Workaround: Log off and on again to see the correct alarm count.
All 234363 Macros: If a macro has errors, and you change tabs, it is rolled back to the last error free version.
Avigilon 2145310 For some units, RTSP over HTTP streaming does not work.
Bosch 2041783 Bosch units using firmware 6.50: From the Security Desk Forensic search task, generating a report for events stored on the internal SD card of the unit yields no results.
Workaround: Do one of the following:
  • Downgrade the unit firmware to 6.42.
  • Use edge recording and playback from Bosch VRM.
Bosch 1870446 Bosch: RTSPS video streaming does not work if the unit is added to the Archiver using the unit's IPv4 address, and the IP address is defined as IP in the server certificate Subject Alternative Name.
Workaround: Connect the unit using hostname or using HTTP instead of HTTPS.
Bosch 1457390 Bosch: For the video sequence list from the camera to be available in Security Desk, edge recording must be active on the camera's web page.
Workaround: Enable edge recording on the camera:
  1. On the camera's web page, navigate to Configuration > Recording > Storage Management.
  2. In Recording Media > Managed storage media, make sure the Rec.1 or Rec.2 check box is selected to activate the recording.
  3. In Configuration > Recording > Recording Status, make sure the Status is Running for either one of the recordings.
Bosch 668843 Bosch VG5-7220: In the Video mode list of the Hardware tab of Config Tool, there are no high frame rate (60 fps) options available.
Workaround: Use the Installer Menu on the unit web page to configure the Max. frame rate as 60 fps.
Bosch 505537 When Bosch Video Recording Manager (VRM) units are configured to use the HTTP protocol, you cannot perform edge playback from the VRM.
Workaround: Configure the unit to use the Remote Control Protocol (RCP+).
Documentation 1896193 In the online help guides accessed from Config Tool and Security Desk, on the Index page, when you double-click an index entry or select it, and then click Display, the linked article is not displayed.
Hanwha 2155760 Audio input does not work on PNM-9030V because of an external issue in FW 1.02_190129.
Hanwha 2155722 Audio output on PNM-9030V is not reported in Security Center because of an external issue in FW 1.02_190129.
HID 1745730 HID event-to-actions for HW Zones: If Zone Active is set as the event to trigger the action, the configured action is triggered when the arming state of the zone goes from Disarmed to Armed with the activation input already active.

If Zone Normal is set as the event to trigger the action, the configured action is not triggered when the arming state of the zone goes from Armed to Disarmed.

HID 1154929 HID Hardware Zone: If a zone is configured using the AND operator, and the zone state changes from active to trouble, an additional zone normal event is created at the same time.
HID 1132888 When using an interlock configuration with a VertX V1000 controller and multiple doors, after lockdown is activated, the door is locked but the reader's LED remains green instead of red.
HID 1092930 Modifications you make to the Online Access Rule custom field value are not immediately synched to the unit. If the unit is configured to synch on a schedule, this limitation does not apply.
Workaround: Trigger a manual synch.
HID 1015091 If the tamper input for an HID unit has been triggered, the unit will be in a warning state even if the input is configured as shunted (disabled).
HID 1190516 For elevators using HID V1000 Networked Controllers, if floors are configured with different access rules, and one floor is out of schedule and should deny access, users cannot access any floors in the building.
HID 227614 HID Edge EVO EH400-K: Readers that use firmware version do not buzz when a door forced event is generated.
Intrusion 1458003 Intrusion detection units are created under the root partition, even though you selected a different partition during enrollment.
ISD 133890 JBS-AF-1080P: Playback of a G64 file will freeze when using a speed of 6x or higher.
ISD 133670 JBS-AF-1080P: Cannot stream two multicast channels simultaneously in Security Desk.
ISD 131809 JBS-AF-1080P: Some of the supported resolutions listed on the unit’s web page are not available in Security Center.
ISD 131565 JBS-AF-1080P: Changing the IP address, Subnet, or Gateway does not work.
LPR 2122556 When you enable past-read matching in Security Desk, hot actions configured to Trigger past-read matching do not return any results.
LPR 2088432 The time zone used in the Reads report and the Parking sessions report is not always correct.
LPR 2050318 On the Properties page of the LPR Manager role, retention periods cannot be set to zero days.
Workaround: Manually change the settings in the Directory database in the SpecificXml of the Role table.
LPR 1921996 When creating a hotlist, the username you enter cannot include an underscore.
LPR 1892675 The only way to get Sharp analytics (speed, confidence score, direction of travel, and so on) in Security Center is by creating annotation fields for each, and then adding them as columns in associated report tasks or the Monitoring task.
LPR 1632890 After sending live reads, hits, and Genetec Patroller™ positions to Security Center, when you manually offload the data to Security Center, there are errors in some of the files saved to the root folder.
LPR 1197372 In a Genetec Patroller™ system where plate reads are offloaded manually, the Hits report attributes the hit to the patrol vehicle that performed the initial plate read instead of the patrol vehicle that enforced the hit.
LPR 1026167 Genetec Patroller™ does not always reconnect to Security Center after a network disconnection has occurred, and the icon is red in Security Desk.
LPR 1020691 If you save a workspace on a server using Security Center 5.6 and then upgrade to Security Center 5.7, the workspace will be loaded but the task will allow you to generate a report without selecting any entities, without generating an error.
LPR 952306 Parking zone management: When a NOPLATE read that is not matched to a parking session is edited, no Unknown vehicle exited event is created.
LPR 642116 In a reads report or a hits report, the protection expiration for protected reads or hits displays the wrong expiration.
LPR 594453 After performing an update using the Updates page in the Config Tool LPR task, the status of an update might change from Installed to Waiting for status.
Workaround: Log off Config Tool then Log back on again to see the correct update status.
LPR 396367 Hotlists: When an LPR Manager role stops unexpectedly, the account used to access hotlist files from it is locked out.
Workaround: Manually unlock the account.
LPR 370163 In the Hotlist and permit editor, if you configure a hotlist to use a remote file path, loading the hotlist will result in an "Invalid credentials" error.
LPR 100876 Config Tool: The LPR Manager role status displays as online, even if the root folder path is incorrect.
Video 1603748 In the Security Desk Motion search task, when you query an encrypted camera, the warning Motion search is not supported for this camera is displayed. Motion search is not supported because the camera is encrypted, not because the camera does not support motion detection.
Video 1245250 If the video feed is rotated, motion detection zones are not applied to the correct region.
Video 1161966 When manually recording video using encryption, and setting a value for Time to record before an event, there is sometimes a short period of video that you cannot play after recording has started.
Video 1161899 On the Statistics page in Config Tool, ghost cameras are included in the Archiving cameras count, but are not listed when you expand the Archiving cameras dialog box for details.
Video 1045965 If you cancel the Motion search task, the Archiver does not stop searching for motion, and will finish the motion search processing.
Video 1042345 The Auxiliary Archiver sometimes reports an Archiving queue full event, even though the queue is not full.
Video 1029592 When using Privacy Protection, the recording in the timeline and the recording state presented in Security Desk indicates the state of the original stream even if the privacy-protected stream is shown.
Video 788862 In Config Tool, video is not redirected as expected when you select a Specific network from the Options dialog box.
Video 582417 Failover: When the Record metadata, Redundant Archiving, and Encryption options are enabled for an Archiver, an overlay stream might not play back on exported G64x files after a failover.
Video 547854 Maps: When viewing a fisheye camera in a map, the video cannot be dewarped.
Video 244781 System status task: If an Archiver role is configured with a failover server, only the server hosting the role is reported as active in the task, not the one that is recording.
Vivotek 1899054 Speed dome PTZ SD9362 and SD9364: After you enroll a video unit in Security Center, the time on the unit is one hour behind the actual time.
Web Client 1128361 Cardholders and credentials that were created on a global partition and that are used for guests, do not have a specific icon in Web Client that distinguishes them from other cardholders.
Web Client 747956 Federated entities cannot be edited in Web Client.