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Resolved issues are software issues from previous releases that have been fixed in the current release.

The following software issues were resolved in Security Center 5.7 SR6.
Solution/Unit Issue Description
Access 2207248 When you try to run a Time and attendance report on a federated site from the Federation™ host, no results are generated if the Federation™ host has an Access Manager role and an area.
Access 2192780 You cannot create license plate credentials for cardholders from Active Directory.
Access 2143746 Filtering on custom fields in the Area presence report returns inaccurate results.
Access 2135730 In Saas deployments, license plate credentials are not synchronized with Synergis™ Cloud Link, preventing valid plate reads from being granted access if connection between SaaS and Synergis™ Cloud Link is broken.
Access 2134436 The Global Cardholder Synchronizer role does not work in IPv6.
Access 2134353 When you add a credential to a cardholder from the Cardholder management task, the credential's badge template is replaced by the badge template that was last selected.
All 2207246 On a server with many maps, if the map cache was re-created, the wrong map might be displayed when you try to open a map.
All 2196056 Users who lack the Modify user properties privilege for a partition can still grant other users access to that partition.
All 2195210 On large systems, health issues might not load in the System messages window or in Health history reports that are filtered on Show current health events.
All 2189700 When you drag a recorded video onto another recorded video in a monitoring tile, motion events from the previous video and the current video are displayed overlapped on the timeline.
All 2189512 When you save a snapshot to the Vault, other users on the same workstation cannot access the snapshots, even though the folder's security properties allow other users to access the folder.
All 2188863 After you drag a camera from a task into a monitoring tile, changing the video displayed in the tile using the logical ID of a different camera causes an unhandled exception.
All 2157716 When the Archiver role goes offline, its associated virtual zones on maps are displayed in green instead of in blue.
All 2157698 When you have a Maps task open, and then connection to the Directory is lost, the task becomes greyed out and all the map objects disappear and do not re-appear after connection is re-established.
All 2157674 In Security Desk, when you send an email using the Report an incident tool, messages containing HTML are interpreted as plain text.
All 2156888 When viewing a G64x video that was re-exported using Genetec™ Video Player, the bookmark timestamps are displayed in the timezone of the local machine instead of the timezone of the G64x file.
All 2149114 Controlling PTZ functions using a joystick or keys other than the arrow keys on a keyboard does not work on remote monitors.
All 2146477 When a virtual zone goes offline, the virtual zone map object is not displayed as offline on the map.
All 2138165 When your Security Center license does not include Synergis™, the option to copy areas using the Copy configuration tool is not available.
All 2137196 Users can only view the last hour of video when using the Go to specific time button, even though the Limit archive viewing option is set to a value greater than one hour on the users' Advanced page.
All 2134914 In the Door activities or Cardholder activities task, if you filter on a federated area and on a global cardholder or global cardholder group, no results are generated in the report.
All 2123446 After saving and closing a task with image maps displayed, the Cannot retrieve tile images because the tile server is not trusted error might be displayed when the task is re-opened.
Bosch 2116878 The Bosch VRM license is not renewed in Security Center for Bosch extensions using HTTP.
Bosch 2082373 Bosch units using firmware 6.50: After generating a report from the Security Desk Archives or Forensic search task, the video associated with the results cannot be played if it is stored in Bosch VRM.
Honeywell 2136305 Honeywell HD3MDIPX: Video cannot be played back in Security Center because RTP packet received from the camera is always the same.
LPR 2196079 In the Zone occupancy report, results are listed as duplicate entries or the data is inaccurate.
LPR 2147986 When there is network latency, the clock on Sharp units is not synchronized with the LPR role.
LPR 2132498 When the language of a remote Security Desk is set to French, you cannot export Reads and Hits reports with high resolution images to PDF.
Video 2203682 When an exported G64 file contains hidden frames, watermark validation fails.
Video 2196891 Archive transfers configured to retrieve from edge on some cameras remain ongoing and never complete because of an incorrect edge transfer retry mechanism.
Video 2188987 Video playback might be unsuccessful on some encrypted cameras if the camera name is too long.
Video 2180592 Some video walls communicating with the Media Gateway role over RTSP disconnect every minute.
Video 2179995 The Go to preset PTZ action configured in event-to-actions is executed, even when PTZ is disabled on the Hardware page of the camera.
Video 2177558 If the Video Unit Control process stops unexpectedly, it automatically restarts, but the Archiver role can no longer record.
Video 2161334 During archive transfer, a file containing a single frame is created, causing the transfer to fail.
Video 2158652 When jumping to different times in the video timeline, the Video stream not delivered event is logged if the interval between the jumps is too short.
Video 2157806 Archive transfers configured to retrieve from edge fail with the Connection has been lost error and the Device unavailable reason.
Video 2154011 There is no recorded video for playback in Web Client when using reverse tunneling.
Video 2153733 The redirector sends duplicate stream information to a multicast address when earlier versions of Security Desk are connected.
Video 2153520 There are intermittent warnings on the Media Router when the redirector is unavailable.
Video 2151561 From the Security Desk Vault, when you right-click a G64x video sequence, and then click Show properties, incorrect information is displayed.
Video 2150733 When playing back video in Security Desk, if you change the default audio device, Security Desk must be restarted for audio to play from the new audio device.
Video 2136877 After an Archiver failover, when the primary server is restored, it might take longer than usual for the connection to be re-established, and for live video to work.
Video 2136423 Audio stutters on federated cameras using codec G.721.
Video 2136037 After creating an Omnicast™ Federation™ role, the role is displayed in red in the Area view and Monitoring tasks, even though nothing is wrong.
Video 2135451 For cameras configured to record on-motion, the detection mechanism stops detecting motion and recording after GenetecVideoUnitControl32 crashes.
Video 2123450 In the Archive storage details task, you cannot protect or unprotect video stored on Bosch VRM.
Web Client 2157143 Web Client does not work when the Server Admin password contains non-ASCII characters.
Web Client 2132632 If you lack the Change status privilege for cardholders, you might get the Insufficient privileges error when trying to update a cardholder in Web Client, even though you have the other child privileges of Modify cardholder properties.