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Security Center Release Notes 5.8 GA

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With each release, new features, enhancements, or resolved issues are added to the product.

Security Center 5.8 GA includes the following access control enhancements:

General enhancements

Unlock the perimeter doors of an area through a hot action
You can now configure a hot action to unlock an area's perimeter doors with a keyboard shortcut. You can also select the action from the notification tray in Security Desk.

For more information, see Configuring and using a hot action to unlock multiple area perimeter doors.

Door templates
Security Center now has wiring templates for most popular door configurations, which reduce the time it takes to configure multiple similar doors. You can select a template during the door creation process.

For more information, see Creating doors.

Improved custom input support for Mercury EP controllers
You can configure Mercury EP controllers with up to four sets of custom A/D values for supervised inputs.
Mercury LP series controller support
Security Center 5.8 GA introduces support for the Mercury LP series of intelligent controllers. The LP series consists of the following controllers:
  • Mercury LP1501
  • Mercury LP1502
  • Mercury LP2500
  • Mercury LP4502
Secure communications for HID units
HID EVO units can now communicate over TLS 1.2. This enhances the security of the channel between the Access Manager role and HID units running in Secure mode.

Synergis™ IX for ANZ market

Unification of access control and intrusion detection in Security Center
Synergis™ IX brings an innovative approach to both access control and intrusion monitoring. With a broad range of supported hardware at your disposal, the Synergis™ IX system lets you control and monitor a scalable number of intrusion areas, doors, cardholders, and other field devices, in real time, regardless of geographical location.

Cardholder and credential enhancements

Native MIFARE DESFire configuration
You can now create configurations for MIFARE DESFire key cards in Config Tool, which eliminates the need for a third-party card production tool. You can then use these configurations to encode new cards or re-encode previously configured cards, or to add a credential to Security Desk that matches a previously configured MIFARE DESFire card.
Raw credentials and native FASC-N card formats for PIV/PIV-I/CIV credentials
Security Center natively recognizes 75-bit and 200-bit FASC-N credentials, but you can make Security Center display the details of other FASC-N versions by creating custom card formats. Unrecognized credential formats in Security Center are displayed as raw x bits instead of unknown x bits credentials.
Visitor pre-registration
Visitors can now be registered and checked in either when they arrive, or pre-registered in advance to expedite the check-in process.

For more information, see Checking in new visitors.

Reporting enhancements

New activation and expiration dates for cardholders and credentials in Import Tool
Import tool now registers cardholder and credential activation and expiration dates when importing from CSV files or third-party systems.
Native double-badge events include cardholder and credential information
With double-badge activation, a cardholder can unlock a door and trigger a preconfigured event by presenting their credential to the reader twice. The door remains unlocked and the event stays active until the cardholder badges again.

For more information, see About double-badge activation.