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Security Center Release Notes 5.8 GA

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With each release, new features, enhancements, or resolved issues are added to the product.

Security Center 5.8 GA includes the following License Plate Recognition enhancements:

General enhancements

Permit restriction support in AutoVu™ Free-Flow
When setting up AutoVu™ Free-Flow parking lots, you can now use permit restrictions to configure time restrictions for the lots. Previously, permit restrictions were only available for patrol vehicles configured for University Parking Enforcement.

For more information, see Adding and configuring parking rules.

IPv6 support for Sharp cameras
You can now enroll Sharp cameras using either the IPv4 or IPv6 address which are provided in the Sharp Portal.
NOTE: IPv6 is currently supported by SharpV cameras running SharpOS 12.4 or later.

For more information, see Adding a camera to the LPR Manager.

Sharp enrollment using the LPM protocol
You can now add Sharp cameras to the LPR Manager using the License Plate Management (LPM) protocol to manage the connection. For Sharp cameras running SharpOS 12.7 or higher, the LPM protocol provides a secure and reliable connection to the LPR Manager role.

For more information, see Upgrading a SharpV to use the LPM protocol.

Reliable plate read path
Security Center now ensures that license plate reads are not lost if Archiver activity is high. If the Archiver cannot save license plate reads to the database, the Sharp camera saves plate reads locally. When communication is re-established, the plate reads are sent to the Archiver database.

Mobile and web apps

LPR camera monitoring (Web Client)
If your system includes fixed LPR cameras or patrol vehicles running Genetec Patroller™ software, you can now use Web Client to monitor license plate reads and hits.

For more information, see Monitoring patrol vehicles and LPR cameras.

Generate reports on license plate reads and hits (Web Client)
Using the new Plate report task in Web Client, you can search for a specific license plate to report on, or you can filter the report for plate reads and hits from specific patrol vehicles or fixed LPR cameras.

For more information, see Viewing license plate reads and hits.

Hotlist management (Web Client)
You can now add a vehicle's license plate to a hotlist in Security Center Web Client, which can then be used to alert officers of wanted individuals or parking violations, or to permit or restrict access to a parking facility.

For more information, see Adding license plates to a hotlist in Web Client.

Change user password (Web Client)
You can now change your Security Center password from the user settings in the Web Client interface.
Override unlock schedule (Web Client)
When monitoring a door controlled by an unlock schedule in Web Client, there is now an option in the Monitoring task tile to manually lock or unlock the door by overriding the schedule.

For more information, see Unlocking doors in Web Client.