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Resolved issues are software issues from previous releases that have been fixed in the current release.

The following software issues were resolved in Security Center 5.8 GA.
Solution/Unit Issue Description
Access 2145754 When at least one Access Manager role in a system with multiple Access Manager roles is offline, information might be missing in the Credential management report.
Access 2138208 In SaaS deployments, magstripe ABA cards do not work offline, unless the firmware of the Synergis™ Cloud Link unit is Synergis™ Softwire 10.10 or later.
Access 2119154 The Global Cardholder Synchronizer role does not work in IPv6.
Access 1919171 Mercury EP and LP: When the panel reconnects to Synergis™ Softwire, the baud rate of reader ports in OSDP mode are reset to 9600.
Access 1917937 Events are kept for longer than the retention period configured on the Properties page of the Access Manager role.
Access 1899796 Receiving multiple access control events that use the email logger might cause the Access Manager role to be unresponsive.
Access 1767190 Credentials are only partially enrolled when using the Credential Management task to automatically enroll the credentials.
Access 1480180 When a door is configured with more than one door sensor, Door opened and Door closed events are reported on every input state change.
Access 1113223 When a cardholder badges their credential on a reader inside an area, the cardholder is included in the people count of the area and the Area presence report, but not in the Time and attendance report.
Access 784592 If a cardholder enters an area, and then their card is swiped outside of the area, they are still considered inside that area in the Time and attendance report.
NOTE: Make sure that the area is fully secured, meaning that people cannot enter or exit the area without swiping their card.
All 2157585 When you enable the Use specific domain controller option from the Active Directory role, group synchronization breaks in some cases.
All 1957972 When copying map objects from a geographic map to a georeferenced image map, the position of the map objects might be incorrect after pasting because of the differences in coordinate systems.
All 1704397 System security: You can configure Security Center users to not require passwords.
All 1693040 Server Admin does not enforce any restrictions on user passwords.
All 1142954 When using the Motion search task to query for motion events, the query returns results that include a lower motion percentage level than what was configured in the query.
Bosch 2125499 In the Archive storage details task, you cannot protect or unprotect video stored on Bosch VRM.
HID 1132888 When using an interlock configuration with a VertX V1000 controller and multiple doors, after lockdown is activated, the door is locked but the reader's LED remains green instead of red.
Intrusion 1458003 Intrusion detection units are created under the root partition, even though you selected a different partition during enrollment.
LPR 2148080 When the language of a remote Security Desk is set to French, you cannot export Reads and Hits reports with high resolution images to PDF.
LPR 2147987 When there is network latency, the clock on Sharp units is not synchronized with the LPR role.
LPR 2050318 On the Properties page of the LPR Manager role, retention periods cannot be set to zero days.
LPR 2020509 The alarm priority displayed in the Alarm monitoring task is incorrect when an event-to-action is configured to trigger an alarm when a hit occurs.
LPR 1921996 When creating a hotlist, the username you enter cannot include an underscore.
LPR 1892675 The only way to get Sharp analytics (speed, confidence score, direction of travel, and so on) in Security Center is by creating annotation fields for each, and then adding them as columns in associated report tasks or the Monitoring task.
LPR 1632890 After sending live reads, hits, and Genetec Patroller™ positions to Security Center, when you manually offload the data to Security Center, there are errors in some of the files saved to the root folder.
LPR 1537295 Users that are not part of the Administrators user group cannot view the General settings page in the LPR task.
LPR 1404886 On rare occasions, Security Desk does not load BeNomad map files on a 64-bit client workstation properly.
LPR 642116 In a reads report or a hits report, the protection expiration for protected reads or hits displays the wrong expiration.
Video 2145174 The redirector sends duplicate stream information to a multicast address when earlier versions of Security Desk are connected.
Video 2135521 For cameras configured to record on-motion, the detection mechanism stops detecting motion and recording after GenetecVideoUnitControl32 crashes.
Video 2115553 Hardware acceleration cannot be disabled for Config Tool.
Video 2042968 During edge transfer, only the offline sequences that were recorded after the edge transfer is activated are downloaded from the SD card, instead of all offline sequences up to the retention period.
Video 2025696 When the Media Router redirector cannot start because the specified port it is already in use, the port and application that the redirector tries to use are not specified in the error message.
Video 1922645 The Auxiliary Archiver database can sometimes report start or stop times out of sequence if the windows clock is changed. This can cause playback issues or the timeline might not be not visible until the database events are repaired.
Video 1899688 When you perform an archive transfer backup onto a secondary server, the No stream source found error might occur if the secondary server has no archives for a specific camera.
Video 1856166 Archiver performance is negatively impacted because local time is evaluated on every frame received.
Video 1816994 After a network failure, the Media Gateway role does not come back online.
Video 1798836 On large systems, the Media Router or Directory role might suffer a significant performance hit.
Video 1796249 After upgrading from Security Center 5.2 or earlier, from the Archive transfer task, you cannot transfer video recorded in 5.2 to another archiver using a transfer group configured for protected video.
Video 1603748 In the Security Desk Motion search task, when you query an encrypted camera, the warning Motion search is not supported for this camera is displayed. Motion search is not supported because the camera is encrypted, not because the camera does not support motion detection.
Video 1516121 In Video > Archive transfer, if no video was transferred after an archive transfer, the transfer is listed as Success in the transfer details, instead of No video available.
Video 1245250 If the video feed is rotated, motion detection zones are not applied to the correct region.
Video 1161966 When manually recording video using In transit and at rest encryption, and setting a value for Time to record before an event, there is sometimes a short period of video that you cannot play after recording has started.
Video 1161899 On the Statistics page in Config Tool, ghost cameras are included in the Archiving cameras count, but are not listed when you expand the Archiving cameras dialog box for details.
Video 1045965 If you cancel the Motion search task, the Archiver does not stop searching for motion, and will finish the motion search processing.
Video 1042345 The Auxiliary Archiver sometimes reports an Archiving queue full event, even though the queue is not full.
Web Client 747956 Federated entities cannot be edited in Web Client.