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Resolved issues are software issues from previous releases that have been fixed in the current release.

The following software issues were resolved in Security Center
Solution/Unit Issue Description
All 2498413 When an event-to-action is configured to send a task to a monitor, the configuration is deleted and the monitor removed from the logical ID if the targeted monitor is powered down or disconnected.
All 2494342 Chromium Embedded Framework (CEF) browser cannot load any website with an untrusted certificate.
All 2493551 The Health Monitor doesn't generate health events for federated cameras that were offline when the Federation™ role was added.
All 2491801 When there is a network disruption between the Directory and an expansion server, associated roles remain offline.
All 2484565 When a Monitoring task tile points to a Google Chrome site, typing Security Desk shortcut commands in that tile are executed on the application.
All 2462714 SDK users without PTZ privileges can still move federated cameras by sending PTZ actions through the Action Manager.
All 2458472 On systems with large amounts of Activity Trail entries, report results might be inconsistent when adding additional filtering criteria.
Avigilon 2492779 Avigilon units do not fetch events if a new unsupported VideoSource custom event is received in the list of supported event topics.
Bosch 2496167 If a Bosch unit is running firmware version 6.50 or later, in Security Desk the Forensic search task does not work with that unit.
Bosch 2494846 When a Bosch unit is using RCP Protocol, the audio out microphone does not work after enabling and disabling audio in from Security Desk.
Maps 2494503 Maps cache is unreliable causing slow loading times for image maps.
ONVIF 2451575 Some ONVIF cameras stop working when configured to use IPv6.
SDK 2483844 You cannot activate a cardholder from the SDK using an activation date in the past.
SDK 2450870 Plugins running in backward compatibility mode incorrectly report that the license count has been exceeded.
SDK 2436495 SDK users without PTZ privileges can still move cameras by sending PTZ actions through the Action Manager.
Verint 2506601 Users are unable to add Verint units using HTTPS.
Video 2439014


Expired video events are kept in the Auxiliary Archiver database unnecessarily.
Video 2498590 When no video is received from Genetec Inc. video units, including AutoVu™ units, on a RTSP over TCP connection, there is no Transmission lost event sent.
Video 2493805 Events coming from an Archiver might be delayed causing alarms and event-to-actions to execute later than expected.
Video 2492505 When a public IP address is set on a server in Server Admin, the server is automatically added to the Media Router's redirectors list.
Video 2485684 Archiver backup retention settings are not applied correctly if the drive is unavailable when retention cleanup occurs.
Video 2484965 A unit with an unreachable host name stays in a red state when reconnected, even if the unit was added in HTTP and the IP is valid.
Video 2468829 Archiver agent fails with an Out of memory error caused by an incorrect handling of cameras with high resolution streams.
Video 2434670 The GenetecVideoUnitControl32.exe process fails when an invalid MAC address is received from the unit.