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Resolved issues are software issues from previous releases that have been fixed in the current release.

The following software issues were resolved in Security Center
Solution/Unit Issue Description
Access 2734932 Synergis™ Cloud Link units with debug logs enabled sometimes get stuck in a Connecting state when reconnecting to an Access Manager.
Access 2722558 Replacing a version 10.11 Synergis™ Cloud Link unit with a version 11.0 unit fails with an Operation failed (Unit devices do not match) error message.
All 2730567 On systems with more than 100,000 activity trail entries, some activity trail report filtering don't return any result and generate a SqlBulkData object error in Windows Event Viewer of the Directory server.
All 2715263 The Server Admin Main Directory page sometimes displays expansion servers as offline even when the servers are online and accessible in Config Tool.
Integration 2737521 Units using the Generic Plus extension drop offline and cannot reconnect without an Archiver restart.
Integration 2729696 PTZ commands fail for cameras added in HTTPS, using a certificate with the hostname set as a common name.
Integration 2713140 Enhanced PTZ calibration setting always shows a Calibration needed to enable zoom-box and center-on-click features warning even if the calibration is done.
Onvif 2729649 Multisensor Onvif units only show H.264 video stream from the first camera connected, all subsequent H.264 streams are missing.
Panasonic 2729710 Units running older firmware versions might get stuck in an offline state due to an invalid HTTP response to an idle input state request.
Video 2738471 Tiles remain black in the Monitoring task when the Automatic live stream option is selected in Security Desk.
Video 2737588 The Idle PTZ command preset does not work after an alarm is triggered through an event-to-action.
Video 2722605 Snapshots generated for an Access Request (Granted or Denied) event fails for the first email recipient in the event-to-action email list, but is successful for the others.