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Resolved issues are software issues from previous releases that have been fixed in the current release.

The following software issues were resolved in Security Center
Solution/Unit Issue Description
Access 2347624 In the Config Tool, EP/LP1501s cannot control IP devices while still using both on board reader ports or connecting OSDP readers to Reader Port 1 (TB2).
IMPORTANT: Minimum Synergis™ Softwire version required is 10.11.
Access 2316146 If the host server disconnects from the Global Cardholder Synchronizer (GCS), the GCS can accidentally delete all shared entities from the host.
All 2325569 Active Directory role is not compatible with earlier versions of Security Center.
All 2134354 Federated entities might not appear in the correct areas if the Federation™ synchronization sequence is interrupted.
All 1183912 The Send task action is deleted when a user in the destination is deleted.
Axis 2223470 When an Axis unit sends the Motion Detection value of an nonexistent zone, the Archiver will handle the exception accordingly.
Axis 2201026 In Security Desk, Axis cameras with Video Motion Detection (VMD) capability lose motion recording when the event connection type is set to RTSP over TCP.
Bosch 2211370 When configuring a camera with firmware 6.30 and up, if the rotation of the image is set to 90 or 270 degrees, the appropriate base operation modes supported are displayed incorrectly.
Bosch 2143870 Video from Bosch VRM cannot be retrieved in Security Desk if Bosch VRM is configured to use HTTP in the Bosch extension of the Archiver role.
Workaround: Change Bosch extension to use RCP, and then change it back to HTTP.
Dallmeier 2152890 In Security Desk, the PTZ preset quick buttons are grayed-out during playback for Dallmeier PSS3.
Documentation 2316315 In the Replacing video units topic of the Security Center Administrator Guide, documentation is missing for the manual configuration of video unit archive transfers.
Intrusion 2319725 When adding an intrusion detection unit to a partition from the partition's Properties page, only the unit is added to the partition. Intrusion detection areas must be added manually.
LPR 2282018 The LPR Manager and the Mobile Server use the same port by default.
LPR 2242467 In AutoVu™ Free-Flow, violations that are enforced by Genetec Patroller™ require a manual action in Security Center to lower the violation count.
LPR 2236729 Files are not deleted at the end of a retention period when a large number must be deleted and the LPR Manager and Archiver roles use a clustered server.
LPR 1962454 In the Security Desk Reads task, the Hits on plate report option does not filter properly for past matching hits.
LPR 1745084 If a hotlist has the Category attribute enabled and multiple categories are defined in the hotlist, any hotlist hit from a fixed Sharp unit adds unwanted categories to the New wanted categories field.
Panasonic 2340485 When disabling the audio encoder of a Panasonic camera, it causes a high rate of updates in the Archiver, which then causes Directory slowdown.
Panasonic 2230796 After restarting the Archiver, the second stream from Panasonic cameras is disabled.
Video 2361037 In Security Desk, motion detection stops working on certain camera models if the system language was not set to English.
Video 2361033 The GenetecVideoUnitControl process fails in WinHTTP.dll when there is memory corruption caused by code accessing released memory.
Video 2358743 When upgrading a system with a failover Archiver to Security Center 5.8 GA or later, some streams are deleted and re-created resulting in default configurations being set on the streams.
Video 2335020 When a camera is requested by Security Center 5.8 and Security Center 5.5 at the same time, incorrectly allocated multicast addresses create IP conflicts and distorted video display.
Video 2334126 After a configuration change in a federated system, the federated Media Router has an invalid IP endpoint, which leads to unavailable video streams in Security Desk.
Video 2325216 When displaying video through an analog monitor set up with an ION-R100S decoder, the video stream drops off.
Video 2320168 If the video watermark feature is enabled, exported video is playable but dewarping does not work.
Video 2315537 After a configuration change in a federated system, the federated Media Router has an invalid IP endpoint, which leads to unavailable video streams in Security Desk.
Video 2306324 PTZ commands do not work on federated cameras from Omnicast™ 4.8.
Video 2296460 Fish-eye cameras that implement DigitalPtz cannot be dewarped using the Genetec™ Video Player.
Video 2281277 The Redirector does not properly dispose of start and stop stream requests, leading to high memory consumption for the GenetecRedirector.exe process.
Video 2280256 After an upgrade from Security Center 5.7 to 5.8 GA, the Archiver stops sending out video to IONodes decoders.
Video 2264570 On maps and in SDK applications using aggregate PTZ, commands and coordinate updates do not work.
Video 2251076 Video does not restart after an Archiver failover from an IPv6 server to an IPv4 server on a UDP network.
Workaround: The main server and secondary server must use the same IP version.
Video 2244728 When upgrading a Directory to Security Center 5.8 GA, some Federation™ server certificates were not correctly installed, preventing a clean Media Router initialization.
Video 2243372 The Media Router algorithm for the connection wait list of federated remote site does not work properly, leading to unreachable federated cameras and unrecoverable sites.
Video 2230433 Video smoothing does not work when hardware acceleration is enabled.
Video 2227671 When you disable the Privacy Protector™ for a camera, that camera's configurations are deleted.
Video 2227376 An Archiver agent configured for motion detection might fail due to a bug in the parser when using cameras configured to H.264 stream formats.
Video 2210913 Video exports fail watermark validation when original G64 files contain hidden frames caused by manual or on motion recording.
Video 2161243 When a hostname is entered as the Public address of the Genetec™ Server hosting the Media Gateway role, if the hostname is changed, the Media Gateway role must be restarted for the change to take effect.
Workaround: Enter an IP address instead of a hostname.
Video 1888747 In Config Tool, you cannot add a camera if you do not have permission to access the root partition.
Web Client 2156620 The Forward alarm action cannot forward alarms to user groups.
Web Client 2106110 In Web Client, there is no option to add a second host for visitors.