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With each release, new features, enhancements, or resolved issues are added to the product.

Security Center includes the following video enhancements:

General enhancements

Use EdDSA for digital signatures
To provide stronger protection against tampering and fraud, video digital signatures are now signed with the more secure Edwards-curve Digital Signature Algorithm (Ed25519).

No action is required for video files that were signed in earlier versions of Security Center. Untampered files still pass validation, but are reported as authenticated with an obsolete algorithm.

Video watermarking
To deter the unauthorized release of your video recordings, identifying watermarks can now be added to live and playback video for specific users. When enabled, video requested by the affected users through Config Tool, Security Desk, and Web Client will include one or more of the following identifiers:
  • Security Center user who requested the video
  • Workstation where the user logged in
  • Camera where the video originated

There are important performance limitations when using video watermarking, including:

  • Impact on client workstation performance
  • Impact on Media Gateway server performance

For more information, see Maximum number of cameras viewed per client type in Security Center 5.9 and Maximum number of Media Gateway camera streams in Security Center 5.9.

Media Gateway IPv6 support
The Media Gateway role now supports IPv6 in multicast, improving the cybersecurity of your video surveillance system. For more information, see About the Media Gateway role.
Recommend certified firmware versions in production
To help you identify devices running unknown firmware, a new warning message, Unknown firmware detected, is displayed in Config Tool when upgrading the firmware.
Best Practice: To ensure software compatibility with your video units, apply certified firmware versions identified on our Supported Device List.
Support for DVTel
CF-2101-0P and CP-2101-361P units can now be added to Security Center. The units must be added using DVTel as the Manufacturer and All as the Product Type.

User interface enhancements

Renamed video watermarks to digital signatures
All references to anti-tampering watermarks in the user interface and the associated documentation have been renamed to digital signatures. Starting in Security Center, a video watermark refers to an optional text overlay that can be permanently added to exported video files. It is a deterrent to prevent users from leaking video recordings.

Bosch enhancements

Support for PTZ
You can add Bosch MIC-9000 to Security Center and enable PTZ on each camera.

Panasonic enhancements

Support for idle state of inputs
You can now configure the state of input pins for Panasonic units. In Config Tool, you can set the state to open or closed. The default is open.