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The following software issues were resolved in Security Center

Solution/Unit Issue Description
Access 2432194 When the Active Directory role performs a full sync, there is Access Manager performance degradation, causing Synergis™ Cloud Link units to disconnect.
Access 2426975 If an output is set for both a zone and a door, and the door has an unlock schedule, the door might not unlock or relock at the scheduled time.
Access 2414880 Reports for Credential information in the Credential activities task might fail with a timeout error.
Access 2370454 Unit enrollment fails if the computer system language is set to Turkish
Access 2358677 In Security Desk, the People counting task shows the cardholder's Active Directory entity name instead of their full first and last name.
Access 2354380 When doing a CSV import, cardholder status values are overridden when imported along with activation and expiry values.
Access 1191407 When you generate a report in the Cardholder Management task that includes Activation date or Expiration date, the report results only include cardholders. The report should also include credentials, which also include activation and expiration dates.
Access 1190516 For elevators using HID V1000 Networked Controllers, if floors are configured with different access rules, and one floor is out of schedule and should deny access, users cannot access any floors in the building.
All 2446761 Entry Delay configured for virtual zones does not work after a Zone Manager role restart.
All 2421611 When installing Security Center on certain non-English Windows OS systems, the install fails with the error InstallHelper Exception (-2146233033): Input string was not in a correct format. This occurs for languages that do not use the point character for decimals.
All 2346935 The Security Center Mobile Client does not display video watermarks.
Axis 2417661 Double Panorama dewarping does not work for Axis M3048-P cameras.
Axis 2371895 After restarting an Axis unit with a MPEG4 stream, default configurations are sent to the unit for that stream.
Workaround: Reset the custom values manually from the Video tab after reconnecting the device.
Axis 2370878 Axis units without video inputs do not receive Audio alarm events.
Bosch 2370918 Events generated by Bosch units running firmware 7.50 are not received in Security Desk.
Hanwha 2428341 Hanwha PNM-9030V models use a license for every encoder instead of one for the whole unit.
Intrusion 2319725 When adding an intrusion detection unit to a partition from the partition's Properties page, only the unit is added to the partition. Intrusion detection areas must be added manually.
LPR 2450389 When upgrading the LPR role database, it might fail with a timeout error if there are too many reads or hits saved.
LPR 2425909 You cannot configure the retention period for hotlist and permit list delta files created for Patrollers. They are kept for 30 days by default.
LPR 2412714 AutoVu™ XML export does not support reads and hits timestamped with the UTC time zone.
LPR 2359975 LPR units display as offline if, when added manually in the Config Tool, one of the connections is not established and Force Connect is enabled in the Portal.
LPR 2320880 When configuring an event-to-action to receive an email for a read or hit, the plate image is only included if the event-to-action is configured as from the camera and not the unit.
LPR 2299054 The License Plate Manager role goes into a Warning state if it uses the same database as another License Plate Manager role.
LPR 2257939 Security Desk might fail when monitoring entities that generate a high number of events on the system or the network connection between the client and server is slow.
ONVIF 2438475 Some ONVIF cameras stop working when configured to use IPv6.
ONVIF 2363352 ONVIF units do not receive input events when pull point subscription requests fail.
Video 2434491


Adding a WPFControl with a MediaPlayer object to a WinForm in Visual Studio Designer fails with a Could not load file or assembly to GenetecServerHost error.
Video 2410684


Cameras stop recording to the Auxiliary Archiver when unavailable transmission channels or blocked internal processes are handled incorrectly.
Video 2453296 In Security Desk, the alarm video popup shows playback instead of live video when the Center map on received alarm setting is on.
Video 2446961 When exporting from the Incidents task, export sequence dialog does not follow the camera order created in the task.
Video 2436575 The GenetecVideoUnitControl32.exe process fails when an invalid MAC address is received from the unit.
Video 2433994 When federating to a system running Security Center 5.5 or earlier, the redirector process shows a continuous memory leak.
Video 2432910 When asking for a particular dewarped zone in Security Desk, dewarping is not applied to the area selected with the zoom box
Video 2432906 Dewarping PTZ zoom presets are not applied if the monitoring tile is not already in dewarping mode.
Video 2428603 When Generic Plus units are reconnected to your system, it causes the GenericVideoUnitControl32.exe process memory to continuously increase.
Video 2428144 Archivers managing multiple cameras with multiple overlays might see the Archiver agent process experience a continuous memory leak leading to an Out of memory error.
Video 2427492 Some cameras lose live video when the Encryption field is set to In transit from Archiver.
Video 2425912 When changing camera IP range configurations, either no units are discovered or units in the range of the previous configuration are discovered.
Video 2415459 After a system reboot, cameras added in HTTPS, using a certificate with the hostname set as a common name, do not reconnect.
Video 2398487 PTZ cameras show video stuttering when using the default value for the Jitter buffer delay setting.
Video 2370865 Live view from Ioimage cameras displays as colored pixels in Monitoring tiles.
Video 2367171 Archive transfers configured to retrieve edge recordings based on bookmarks don't transfer some sequences if the bookmarks are too close to each other in time.
Video 2364382 OEF federated cameras mix streams after losing connection to an Omnicast™ system.
Video 2361962 Archive consolidation fails due to a communication error preventing the completion of the video transfer.
Video 2361041 Files are deleted per retention period even though Automatic cleanup is disabled on the Auxiliary Archiver.
Video 2359757 Events coming from an Archiver might be delayed causing alarms and event-to-actions to execute later than expected.
Video 2359105 Cameras are displayed as offline after a failover recovery.
Video 2358664 Following a Media Router failover of a multicast network, video streams in TCP instead of multicast.
Video 2354885 Streaming in multicast causes higher bandwidth utilization when local and federated camera use the same address range.
Video 2349908 When exporting a video file to MP4 with ACC audio, the export fails with an invalid range error message.
Video 2348203 After upgrading to Security Center or later, the Media Router role's Server name does not show on the Properties page.
Video 2347986 When a camera is requested by Security Center 5.8 and Security Center 5.5 at the same time, incorrectly allocated multicast addresses create IP conflicts and distorted video display.
Video 2346910 When the Cloud Archives Config Tool is updated to, configured properties return to their default values.
Workaround: Replace the CloudArchiverPlugin.gconfig file with a copy of the config file from the previous version.
Video 2306512 When sending a Describe request for live video using the Media Gateway role, the response shows an empty Session name parameter.
Video 2296401 When Archiver failover is configured, PTZ stops working on maps and in SDK applications using aggregate PTZ.
Video 2258996 When viewing video from a Vivotek unit in Security Desk, there is a long delay before hearing live audio if the Encryption parameter is set to In transit from Archiver.
Vivotek 2450059 Vivotek units added with Vivotek extensions cannot stream when basic authentication is enabled.