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Security Center includes the following video enhancements.

General enhancements

Media Gateway role supports hardware acceleration
The Media Gateway role now supports hardware acceleration. Every server equipped with compatible GPU is now able to transcode more video streams, resulting in an overall reduction in infrastructure requirements.

For more information, see Maximum number of Media Gateway camera streams in Security Center.

Prioritize Federated playback sources
You can now prioritize the Federated Auxiliary Archiver over the Federated Archiver as a playback source.

For more information, see Customizing video stream options.

Archive report improvements
You can hover over camera sequence timelines in the report pane of the Archives task to see specific timestamps. Archive reports now also include a preview of the timeline sequence.
Single user export privilege
Users with this privilege can export video like before. Others must now enter a description and obtain a second user's authorization to export video.

For more information, see Exporting video.

Automatic cleanup of the Vault
You can now configure videos and snapshots in the Vault to be automatically deleted after a defined number of days.

For more information, see Configuring automatic cleanup of the Vault.

Unit password management

You can now safely and securely update video unit passwords in Config Tool and automatically apply them to the units.

The following operations are supported:
  • Change individual unit passwords from the unit Properties page
    This operation requires the Update video unit password privilege.
    NOTE: Passwords can be user-created or system-generated. We recommend using system-generated passwords because they are more secure. The system always uses the highest password complexity supported by the manufacturers.
  • View and export unit passwords from the Hardware inventory task
    This operation requires the privilege View/export unit passwords.
  • Copy unit passwords to the clipboard
  • Update unit passwords in batches from the Hardware inventory task

    This operation requires the Update video unit password privilege.

  • Execute the Update unit password action from scheduled tasks and event-to-actions
The following manufacturers and models support this feature:
H3 and H4 series.
All units with firmware 6.50 or later.
All units with firmware 6.30 or later.
The following series are supported:
  • All X-Series (all firmwares)
  • All PNx-Series (firmwares 1.01 and later)
  • All SPE-xx10 (all firmwares), excluding SPE-100, SPE-400, SPE-101
  • All Q-Series (all firmwares), excluding QNO-6010R, QNO-6020R, QNO-6030R, QND-6010R, QND-6020R, QND-6030R, QNV-6010R, QNV-6020R, QNV-6030R, QNE-6080RV, QNE-7080RV
  • All L-Series (all firmwares)
  • All TNx Series (all firmwares) excluding TNU-6320
NOTE: Security Center returns an error for a Hanwha unit if the password does not respect the character sequence and repetition policy of the unit.
Profile S compatible.

The availability of password updates depends on the manufacturer's implementation. Before you apply any password updates automatically, we recommend testing the password update feature on a unit that you can access physically.

Sarix Next Generation and P2xxx cameras.

You must create an ONVIF user before adding the camera to Security Center. By default, Pelco cameras do not have ONVIF users, so password updates do not work if you add the Pelco units anonymously to Security Center.

For more information, see Unit password management.

Wearable Camera Manager role enhancements

Associated Archiver role
You can now add two or more Archivers to the Associated Archiver role to share the load on systems with a large number of body-worn cameras.
Deactivate officers (wearable camera users)
You can now deactivate officer entities to reassign a body-worn camera license without losing the officer's video archive.

For more information, see Deactivating officers.

Evidence ready custom event
You can now create an Evidence ready event-to-action to be notified when an officer's recording is ready for viewing.
Support for Axis and Reveal body-worn cameras
The Wearable Camera Manager role now supports body-worn cameras from Axis and Reveal.

Axis enhancements

PTZ home position configuration
You can now set a home position command for an Axis PTZ camera in Security Center.
Support for occupancy estimator
You can now configure occupancy estimator on the unit's web page and monitor the statistics in Security Center. Use this feature to detect the amount of people and analyze the flow in and out of certain areas.

Hanwha enhancements

You can now connect to Hanwha units using the native SUNAPI protocol.

For more information, see Notes about integrating Hanwha units using SUNAPI.

Support virtual views for SUNAPI units
You can now enable crop encoding on the unit's web page. Virtual encoders are created for each video profile with crop encoding enabled.
Support for SD card related events for SUNAPI units
You can now monitor SD card-related events in Security Center.

Mobotix enhancements

Support for dewarping lenses
Dewarping is now supported for Mobotix units.