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Security Center includes the following license plate recognition (LPR) enhancements.

General enhancements

Filter a report with multiple license plates
Using a delimiter, you can now enter multiple license plate numbers in the License plate filter of an LPR report in Security Desk. This is useful when you want to investigate multiple license plates simultaneously for the same duration. Previously, you had to investigate a list of license plate numbers one by one.

For more information, see Filtering a report with multiple license plates.

User interface enhancements

Email address notification field
The email address field, that is used to notify a user when a hit occurs, is now displayed as a vertical list. This is helpful when you need to verify or modify multiple email addresses. Previously, email addresses were displayed in single row box.

For more information, see Receiving notifications when hotlist hits occur.

Plate image and Context image columns
By expanding the column width, you can now view high resolution images in the context image and plate image columns. Previously, high resolution images were displayed only in the monitoring tiles.

Web Client enhancements

New hotlist filter in the Monitoring task
You can now select specific hotlists to filter the hits displayed in the Monitoring task.The new filter is useful when you want to monitor a desired location for a specific type of license plate hits, for example, Stolen Vehicles or Amber alerts.

For more information, see Monitoring patrol vehicles and LPR cameras in Web Client.