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The following software issues were resolved in Security Center

Solution/Unit Issue Description
Access 2492349 Synergis™ IX cardholder properties cannot be edited for Active Directory cardholders.
Access 2492300 After closing the Alarms task, the data in the Context column for an alarm triggered by an Interface Module Online or Interface Module Offline event is lost and is missing from the Alarm report task.
Access 2490658 Synchronizing zones with Synergis™ Cloud Link fails when event-to-actions are configured with All entities for some events.
Access 2489190 Device GUID is displayed in Tamper column of Access control unit events report instead of physical device name.
Access 2488982 Only users with administrator privileges can select the Set reader mode action when creating event-to-actions.
Access 2486167 Synergis™ Cloud Link synchronization fails during the scheduling stage if a schedule linked to a different entity is deleted.
All 2498540 Event-to-actions do no work when the source alarm is from a federated system.
All 2493552 The Health Monitor doesn't generate health events for federated cameras that were offline when the Federation™ role was added.
All 2454547 A system with no camera license cannot federate a system with cameras.
Avigilon 2492530 Avigilon units do not fetch events if a new unsupported VideoSource custom event is received in the list of supported event topics.
Axis 2489122 Axis Occupancy Estimator events do not support a conditional event-to-action.
Bosch 2494848 When a Bosch unit is using RCP Protocol, the audio out microphone does not work after enabling and disabling audio in from Security Desk.
Hanwha 2493817 Video in H.265 cannot be decoded with certain crop parameter resolutions.
Maps 2496819 You cannot federate a map that contains the same image twice.
Video 2491275 In Security Desk, first camera call up is slow for encrypted video.
Video 2489501 When video watermarking is enabled, the Media Gateway experiences high CPU usage for even a small number of Web Client streams.
Video 2484964 A unit with an unreachable host name stays in a red state when reconnected, even if the unit was added in HTTP and the IP is valid.
Web Client 2157797 When you generate Reads and Hits reports in Web Client, thumbnails of federated LPR units are not displayed in the results.
Workaround: Generate the reports from Security Desk.