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The following software issues were resolved in Security Center

Solution/Unit Issue Description
Access Control 2552868 When configuring Synergis™ IX cardholder properties in Config Tool, the Reporting ID is limited to 999 when the maximum value should be 65535.
Access Control 2547644 In the Credential information section of Security Desk and Config Tool tasks, the Card Number field only displays the first 11 digits of the card number.
Access Control 2545184 After upgrading from Security Center 5.8 to or, HID controllers on systems with multiple controllers might stay offline.
Access Control 2542368 If a readerless perimeter door has an unlock schedule set to Always, the door does not relock if another perimeter door in the interlock area is opened.
Access Control 2528562 When a device's card and PIN schedule is changed, the new configuration is not synchronized to Synergis™ Softwire.
Access Control 2525602 Synergis™ Cloud Link synchronization fails if a device associated with a zone is deleted.
Access Control 2524002 If cardholder is removed from an area while the area's Synergis™ Cloud Link is offline, the change is not synchronized after reconnection.
Access Control 2523996 Event reports for access control units fail in Config Tool and Security Desk because STid readers use the same UniqueID for the interface module and the device.
Access Control 2507351 Deleting a cardholder profile picture from the Config Tool Cardholder identity tab does not delete the thumbnail from the FileCache table or from the hard disk.
All 2554295 Security Desk fails when an RSA alarm is triggered because the related entity is added to the Monitored entities list twice with the same UniqueID.
All 2553206 On a resource-limited system, loading hundreds of roles into a Role Group at the same time causes high memory usage.
All 2548452 The Active Directory role fails when there are recursively-nested user groups in the Active Directory system.
All 2545924 When modifying the video display configurations of an alarm from the Properties page, the Play x sec. before alarm setting always reverts to 0 seconds after saving.
All 2541299 After upgrading Security Center to a minor 5.9 version, configuration files are not updated and some Web Client features stop working.
All 2524026 Security Desk freezes while dumps caused by alarm triggered exceptions are processed.
All 2522933 Adding a custom field to a system with over 500k entities causes Synergis™ Cloud Link to go offline.
All 2520833 Modifying dashboards in Security Desk can be slow or unresponsive if auto-save is enabled.
All 2506784 When synchronizing the Active Directory role, it might fail if you are importing a user or cardholder containing the special character '\e'.
All 2493459 OIDC: When configuring the Authentication Server role with OpenID Connect protocol, changes in Audience are not applied immediately.
Workaround: Restart the role.
All 2493325 In Config Tool, Network endpoint page does not refresh the first time you configure the Authentication Service role.
Workaround: Close and re-open the System task.
All 1918127 In certain situations, expansion servers fail to connect to the Directory, despite good network connectivity. While in this state, the message Server registered-Waiting for Directory response shows indefinitely in Server Admin.
Workaround: Restart the Directory.
All 1700130 If the GenetecUtility32.exe process crashes while you are receiving health events, some of the events might be lost.
All 1523522 When a Security Center Federation™ role is in maintenance mode, its child entities cannot be set to maintenance mode, causing inaccurate health statistics for those entities.
All 235098 When a lot of alarms are triggered on the system, the alarm count reported in Security Desk might not be accurate.
Workaround: Log off and on again to see the correct alarm count.
ALPR 2528552 When creating a Reads or Hits report query, annotation fields are combined using the Boolean operator Or instead of And.
ALPR 2492907 The email field is available in the Hotlist and permit editor task even if one or more ALPR Managers has a different email attribute name.
Workaround: Give all ALPR Managers the same email attribute name.
ALPR 2492353 To enable the high-resolution images in the Security Desk, you must manually edit a gconfig file.
Axis 2553852 Motion level events for Axis units are sometimes still sent even if motion detection is disabled.
Illustra 2528501 Illustra units go offline if audio out is enabled in Security Desk.
Mobile 2541238 If the Mobile Server role has more than 25 expansions configured, it takes a long time to load after restarting.
Panasonic 2485880 When using Multicast connection type with Panasonic cameras, metadata overlays do not work.
Sunapi 2551507 Focus controls for Hanwha cameras are disabled in Security Desk even if the camera supports the continuous focus feature.
Sunapi 2549666 XNO-6080R camera models with firmware 1.40.02 do not display One-shot AutoFocus commands in Security Desk, even though SimpleFocus is supported.
Tenebraex 2554550 Video streaming is stuck in the Decoding stream state for Tenebraex units.
Verint 2500562 Users are unable to add Verint units using HTTPS.
Video 2550627 Exporting files in ASF format fails for cameras using NV12 resolution conversion.
Video 2547579 Video units are removed or recreated after the Archiver role is started.
Video 2546378 The Auxiliary Archiver incorrectly records H265 camera streams, causing playback issues.
Video 2545174 Updating the Archive database fails when too many events are processed simultaneously.
Video 2540800 If Privacy Protection is enabled, video streams on tiles with decoders fail with the error message Your camera is not supported.
Video 2526831 Archiver backup retention settings are applied incorrectly if the drive is unavailable when retention cleanup occurs.
Video 2525789 Archiver transfer groups with multiple PTZ cameras cause high CPU usage if the cameras receive frequent updates.
Video 2506913 When updating unit passwords through the UAR, sometimes not all units in the configuration are changed.
Video 2498583 When no video is received from video units using Genetec™ Protocol, includingAutoVu™ units, on a RTSP over TCP connection, there is no Transmission lost event sent.
Web Client 2496221 OpenID: When using multiple servers to host the Mobile or Web Client roles, a URL logout error message shows if the client application is connected to another server.
Web Client 2106110 In Web Client, there is no option to add a second host for visitors.
Web Client 2106110 In Web Client visitor management, you can only replace the current visitor host. You cannot add a second one like in Security Desk.