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Security Center includes the following video enhancements.

General enhancements

Metadata file event
You can now enable a metadata file event to be notified when a file, other than a supported video file, is added to the offline folder.
Digital Barriers driver
There is a new driver available for integration with Security Center. The Digital barriers driver uses EdgeVis technology to control the devices and acquire steams. The main functions are:
  • Unit discovery
  • Live streaming
  • Video edge playback
  • GPS data transmission
  • Support for GOP Transfer for video trickling on supported encoders
NOTE: The driver interacts with the EdgeVis Server SDK and video retrieval in H264 and MJPEG is supported.

Hanwha enhancements

Support for People counting
Hanwha now supports the SUNAPI People counting event. This event indicates if the amount of people changes or provides a summary of the total number of people who entered or exited a defined area.

Panasonic enhancements

Panasonic password configuration
You can now update a Panasonic camera's administrator account and update the new password in Config Tool.
Panasonic automatic password configuration
There is a new option available to update a Panasonic camera's administrator account with an auto-generated password. The system query generates a valid password and pushes it to the device.