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The following software issues are resolved in Security Center

Solution/Unit Issue Description
Access 2739792 The Access Manager role might go offline if the role sends too many queries for irrelevant entities.
Access 2739033 When printing or exporting a Cardholder configuration report, the data for the Role column is empty.
Access 2737430 When creating an HID mobile credential profile in Config Tool, loading all part numbers fails when one part number fails.
All 2740117 After changing a user's access schedule, they are unable to log on to Security Desk even if they have the rights.
All 2740095 Maps: AutoCAD imports require advanced license, but should work with standard license.
All 2734857 When selecting an alarm row in the Alarm monitoring or Monitoring tasks, the selection is lost when another alarm comes in.
All 2715095 The Move unit action removes the camera's original partition if done by a non-admin user.
All 2695020 After upgrading to 5.9, users are unable to edit or delete event-to-actions configured with the Intrusion Detection Area Master Arm Request action.
Integration 2737315 Units using the Generic Plus extension drop offline and cannot reconnect without an Archiver restart.
Integration 2729653 PTZ commands fail for cameras added in HTTPS, using a certificate with the hostname set as a common name.
ONVIF 2729646 Multisensor Onvif units only show H.264 video stream from the first camera connected, all subsequent H.264 streams are missing.
Video 2740238 When using Security Center Mobile or Web Client, the Limit archive viewing setting does not work for federated cameras.
Video 2738472 Tiles remain black in the Monitoring task when the Automatic live stream option is selected in Security Desk.
Video 2737001 After transferring archives to the Federation™ host, footage from federated cameras is unavailable for playback.
Video 2627838 When applying the Video rotation setting on Verint cameras, live video rotates but playback video does not.