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The following issues are resolved in Security Center

Solution/Unit Issue Description
Access 2994160 Override schedules are ineffective on elevators configured with free access when using a different time zone from the local server.
Access 2975706 When a user is denied access to a door, the reason is stated as Insufficient privileges regardless of the specific reason for denial.
Access 2974324 When a credential is inactive, the fields of a corresponding event-to-action email message do not include the right information.
Access 2965236 When an SQL error occurs while connecting to the Access Manager role database, the role stops adding events to the database and does not restart.
Access 2964641 Synergis™ Cloud Link units with debug logs enabled sometimes get stuck in a connecting state when reconnecting to an Access Manager.
All 3016015 The Active Directory role synchronization stops when credential retrieval takes too much time to complete.
All 3015862 High CPU usage occurs on servers that host Federation™ roles.
All 2989771 After a system upgrade, the Federation™ role shows the Unable to update entities in Directory error.
All 2988652 When querying video archives of federated video cameras, the operation hangs and the associated Federation™ role stops running.
All 2973160 When a system has two webcams connected, both webcams show a black screen with a Unable to connect to the capture device error.
All 2971642 The time zone of a device is not indicated in the Alarm monitoring task or the Alarm report task.
All 2970153 When adding a WMS map in the Map manager task, the layers are available but the map is not displayed.
ALPR 2763247 When exporting ALPR data in CSV format, unnecessary apostrophes show up in front of values that begin with a dash.
Axis 2971635 All events for Axis multisensor cameras are sent to the first encoder by default.
Axis 2929292 Axis units report disk storage error when one or more storage types are not configured.
Bosch 2986096 Security Center sometimes sends false Bosch IVA (Intelligent Video Analysis) events.
Bosch 2971156 Some Bosch IVA (Intelligent Video Analysis) events are not sent to Security Center.
Hanwha 2974741 When controlling the PTZ of a Hanwha camera, the PTZ movement continues for 1or 2 seconds after the joystick control stops.
Integration 3013877 The memory usage of the VideoUnitControl process increases every day due to a memory leak in certain PTZ protocols.
ONVIF 2992256 Changes to the Iris and Focus control settings for ONVIF cameras do not apply the correct level of brightness to the image.
ONVIF 2974971 ONVIF overlay for Bosch units is removed when objects are identified as Vehicles.
Panasonic 2980318 Panasonic units recording audio in multicast experience consecutive video recording interruptions.
SDK 3016529 When running a macro in Security Desk through a hot action, the associated activity log displays Service as the initiator instead of the user performing the macro.
Video 3015827 Memory leak of the Archiver.exe process occurs when the connection to the Archiver agent is lost.
Video 3015106 When playing back H.265 (HEVC) video on third-party integrations via the Media Gateway interface, users experience issues, such as gaps and jumping frame time.
Video 3012154 Video units are removed or re-created after the Archiver role is restarted.
Video 3006494 Retention settings for VRM camera events are not respected when a high number of events are stored in the database.
Video 2992227 When Synchronize video is turned on, tiles show a No recorded video at this time error message.
Video 2975563 Retrieving playback video from Auxiliary Archiver recordings takes much longer than expected.
Video 2975526 Security Desk is unresponsive on workstations showing an Out of memory error message due to high CPU usage.
Video 2974997 After a Windows update, the Archiver displays a Primary and Standby servers are not running the same version of the software warning in Config Tool, despite the servers functioning as expected.
Video 2974591 Live and playback video lags in Security Desk when the workstation's rendering process is overloaded.
Video 2972613 If there is no video attached to an event, retention settings are not applied.
Video 2972305 The Windows Event Viewer shows continuous The remote server returned an error: (404) Not Found errors on the Auxiliary Archiver when a camera name contains a special character.
Video 2971877 In Security Desk, the PTZ widget says PTZ locked by service instead of PTZ locked by user after clicking the Lock PTZ button.
Video 2971662 The Media Gateway role maintains inactive RTSP sessions leading to the role displaying aClient requested end point already in use error when requesting a new session.
Video 2970796 Failover to the Remote Server Archiver fails due to long request delays from the Media Router.
Video 2970560 Configured Idle delay settings for PTZ cameras change following an event-to-action or SDK procedure.
Video 2968456 When viewing playback from multiple sources, the tiles show gaps in recording, choppy video, and a No recorded video at this time error message.
Video 2968188 Remote Server Archivers are unable to failover within 30 seconds of the primary server going down.
Video 2967998 Updating the Archive database fails with a Error communicating with database message when too many events are processed simultaneously.
Video 2966028 Accessing playback through the Security Desk Monitoring task fails due to recording events being improperly deleted from the database.
Video 2965896 When viewing playback of encrypted files, there are gaps in the video feed.
Video 2964434 The Media Gateway role's memory usage increases continuously when there are offline cameras being requested for display, such as through the Web Client.
Web Client 2961682 The Web Client does not automatically log off after 20 minutes of inactivity.